Hillary Clinton should not become first female president


Hillary Clinton is a former first lady, senator and secretary of state. She has women everywhere idolizing her for her power and accomplishments, yet every time I hear that there is a possibility of her running for President again in the 2016 election, I cry inside. The fact that there is a legitimate possibility of her being elected causes me to become even more disappointed in the American people as a whole.

Americans seem to be on this kick of wanting to elect the first of something. The first black president, the first woman president. They want to make history, but they don’t have a clue about the actual politics behind the people. It makes me sick. This proves that we haven’t gotten past racism and sexism; I say this not because I did not vote for Obama or Clinton, but because those who did voted so without understanding their policies. Obama has already served two terms, but people need to wake up and realize that the first woman president cannot be Hillary Clinton.

The first reason Clinton does not have my respect is an obvious one. It begins with how I viewed her when I was a child as the news of her husband’s affair broke. I found her pathetic; through the idealistic eyes of a child, I wondered why she could stay with a man who so publically destroyed their marriage. Looking at this as an adult I understand why she stuck by his side: for power. She married Bill Clinton for power, she stayed with him for power, and she has finally achieved the power she wanted. Could she have done this without him? Sure, she probably could have, but not nearly as successfully. Needless to say she never gained any of my respect back — even when I did realize her motives — instead, she just became even more pitiful.

Her approach to women’s activism has always rubbed me the wrong way too. Men and women should have equal rights, but we are not the same. Any woman who sarcastically says “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had tea,” as Clinton has, clearly has no respect for those women who do choose to do so. Besides making her seem like all she wants is power, this attitude shows that she disdains femininity itself.

Manipulative and power hungry pretty much sums her up, which would be tolerable — she is a politician, after all — until you add her incompetency into the mix.

No one seems to know for sure what exactly happened in Benghazi, Libya. There are contradictory reports from different sources. As then-Secretary of State, Clinton’s responsibilities included foreign affairs, so the safety of diplomats was her responsibility while Libya was in the middle of a civil war. To have the death of four American citizens happen on her watch in a country she should have been closely monitoring is inexcusable. What was she doing? Why wasn’t there more security? And who came up with the idea to blame it all on a YouTube video?

Besides being an advocate of big government and overseas military intervention, Clinton cannot even take genuine responsibility for her failures. Had she done so, she never would have said “what difference does it make” in reference to how the attacks started. There is no reason, then, that Hillary Clinton should be the nation’s first female president.

Samantha Poetter is a senior in political science. Please send comments to opinion@k-statecollegian.com.