Storybook weddings: A thing of the past?


Not every bride to be is looking for the storybook wedding where she walks down the aisle of a church in a white dress surrounded with close friends and family.

Some women would like to skip all of the pomp and circumstance that can come with weddings, and rather opt to just be with their significant other. Other women just want to find some way to put their own personal spin on their big day, whether it be a unique dress or changing up the typical wedding cake dessert.

“I think changes in traditional wedding planning are necessary,” Devin Amos, senior in event planning, said. “Our culture is becoming more diverse, and wedding styles are changing to fit families’ needs. Doing the untraditional showcases couples individuality and uniqueness.”

Traditionally, the diamond worn on the bride’s left hand is often used to symbolize weddings and the life-long commitment; spawning such slogans like, “diamonds are forever.” However, other brides may not necessarily desire a diamond but rather a gemstone, a pearl, or their favorite stone.

Jewelry stores have even come out with different lines of stacked wedding bands in which you do not have to buy just one ring, but could choose to wear two or even three three.

“Most people that come into the store looking for a wedding ring typically buy a diamond,” said Morgan Gauby, sophomore in business and sales associate at Dawson Jewelers in Great Bend, Kan. for the past five years.I could probably count on one hand the number of people that have come in and bought anything besides a diamond. Usually people that buy a gemstone are pretty weird, but I guess it makes them original and not like everybody else.”

Some people have also opted for a tattooed wedding ring instead of purchasing a tangible item. Oftentimes, a tattoo ring is meant to represent the marriage being permanent, and as such the ring is not to be something you can just take off whenever.

Tattooing rings can beneficial for those whom may often forget to put on their ring or whom possesses job that prohibits jewelry. Tattooing on symbols, letters or rings is not as permanent as people think. Skin on the hand is not as thick as other places on the bodies, and thus has a tendency to fade faster.

One of the huge revolutions in contemporary weddings is the dress style. On television shows like “Say Yes to the Dress,” many brides are selecting nontraditional style gowns. Some may just add a pop of color with a sash, while others are dye their entire gowns to a bold color. Sometimes brides have even cut off the entire bottom of the dress to make it knee high.

“I think people stay pretty much to tradition,” Chris Miller, manager of Weisner’s Bridal Boutique on Poyntz Avenue, said. “We sell some short, white or ivory looking bridal dresses, but those people are usually going down to the courthouse to get married really quick. Typically, courthouse weddings are the only times that we sell any non-traditional dresses.”

Miller said about 10 years ago, there was a fad where we had a few people come in and dye their entire dress red, but it ended fairly quickly. Miller said he thinks that here in the Midwest, there are many traditional families that will stick to having a traditional wedding and a dress to go with it.

The food is another area that couples are tweaking to make their own. Some are opting for a candy bar over a cake or for tiers of cupcakes instead of one big cake. Others avoid the sweets altogether and rather serve fruits as the dessert. Serving cheese after dinner has also become fairly popular. The cheeses may be served with breads, fruits or nuts to satisfy each person’s taste.

“I think it is just a wedding tradition to have a cake or cupcakes, otherwise you do not have that special moment with your significant other when you cut the cake and get to shove it into their face,” Michaela Cox, a recently wed bride, said. “It is your choice whether or not you want a cake, but I think having a cake is important. I mean, who really wants to shove candy or ice cream onto their face instead?”

For some, the entire idea of having a wedding may be daunting in the preparations or finances. Some couples choose a religious ceremony at a church, but a simple pronouncement in courthouse is equally viable. The cost in Kansas for a marriage license application is $50, though some counties also have an additional $25 surcharge. This can save a lot of money and still be a lovely and romantic occasion for a couple.

When their big day comes, some brides will opt to keep things traditional while others looking to add their own spunk. Whatever a bride and groom decide to do, it is clear that today’s wedding rules have adapted beyond what they were in the not-so-distant past.