Two K-State students fall in love after just a few years


It all started with a conversation between two K-State students where the woman announced that she had decided to never date the man in front of her. But, as time went on he was resilient and persistent in his efforts to pursue who he referred to as the ‘woman of his dreams.’

That man was Aaron Dubach, senior in mechanical engineering. Dubach said that from the moment he first met her, he knew Harriet Reymond, junior in secondary education, was the woman of his dreams.

Dubach originally saw Reymond at a gathering sponsored by the water skiing team’s then-president. Both Dubach and Reymond were on the water skiing team, drawing them both to the same gathering at the same time.

“When I first saw her, I texted my friend and said she was so beautiful,” Dubach said. “He said, ‘it sucks to suck’ because he called dibs on her first and talked to her first. But, I guess it sucks for him, because I was the one who got her.”

On June 2, nearly to the day two years later, Dubach proposed on a dock at Table Rock Lake in The Ozarks of southwestern Missouri.

“I proposed to her there because that’s where I got her to fall in love with me,” Dubach said. “It’s also a place that will always be there. We can go back to that area time and time again.”

Emerald McAdams, junior in life science, said she was very excited when they got engaged. As a fellow member of Reymond’s sorority, Pi Beta Phi, the two had anticipated the engagement all semester.

“Every [weekly] chapter meeting, we would ask if they had gotten engaged,” McAdams said. “And time and time again, she said she wasn’t.”

When she first met Dubach, however, Reymond was actually involved with a different person. When that relationship ended, Reymond needed someone to talk to. So she called Dubach.

They met up at Jimmy Johns late one night and stayed until the restaurant closed, just talking. That night, Dubach said he should have been at home studying for his final exam for Thermodynamics. He ended up failing his final and had to retake the course.

“I had one opportunity to be there with her, and I had many opportunities to take that class over again,” Dubach said.

People often question why the two are choosing to get married so young.

“I know he’s the one, and I know I’m going to get married,” Reymond said “I know I’m also going to marry [Dubach]. Why not just get married now? When you know, you know, and I know he’s the one for me.”

When it came to Reymond’s ring, she said she knew the exact one she wanted. She had gone shopping with her mom for Christmas, and they were looking in a jewelry store. Previous to this excursion, Reymond said she had looked at easily more than 500 rings.

Then, she found the one. Reymond recounted that as she shopped with her mom, she looked down in a case and saw the ring. She said she knew in that moment that it was the ring she wanted. She asked the jeweler take it out of the case, she tried it on, and it fit perfectly. Reymond said she immediately sent a picture of it to Dubach.

A few days later, Dubach called Reymond’s mother to get more information about the jeweler. He called the jeweler, purchased it and had it shipped to Oklahoma, where he and his family live now.

A few weeks after that, Dubach was up visiting Reymond in the Overland Park, Kan., area. They went into the jewelry store, and when Reymond realized the ring had been sold and was gone, unaware that Dubach had purchased it, she was crushed.

“I bawled for hours when I realized the ring was gone,” Reymond said. “All he kept asking was ‘Do you trust me? Do you trust me, Harriet?’ Of course I said I did. But I was devastated the ring wasn’t there anymore.”

After being engaged for almost six months now of their almost two year long relationship, the couple has set their wedding date on June 14, 2014 in Overland Park, where Reymond is from. Reymond said the church they are set to get married in was originally designed by Reymond’s father.

“[Dubach] feels like family,” Reymond said. “It feels different with him, because I feel like we are one in the same. I feel like when he wins, I win, and when he loses, I lose. And vice versa. He is everything I was looking for in a spouse.”

As the number of years together have grown, so has their trust and communication. Their love is one of a kind and anyone can see that when the two are together.

“In a relationship, you can be attracted to [the other person], but then, when you get to know them, you fall in love with them,” Reymond said. “That’s what happened with Aaron and I. We are madly in love.”