Do it yourself gifts for one’s significant other just in time for the holidays


Every holiday season, the hot-button question becomes what to get for those in relationships. Even though people may know their significant others more than any other people in their lives, it can still be quite daunting trying to come up with a gift — for any occasion — to get for them.

This holiday season, break free from the box. Instead of going out and searching store after store for a gift, try making something. There are simple, do-it-yourself gifts that come from the heart and are incredibly inexpensive.

Here are a few I have seen or made that may come in handy as the holiday season continues to draw near.

52 Reasons Why I Love You

This is one of the most creative, yet simple things one could make for their significant other. Buy or find an underused deck of cards. On each card, put a sentence incorporating the number or place of the card.

For example, on an eight card, one could put “Eight – for the eight months we have been together” or on a king card “King – I am your king, and it is always their job to protect their queen.”

At the end of the deck, one will have 52 reasons why or how they love their significant others. For everyone in a relationship who plans on doing this, you should be able to come up with 52 reasons why you love the person you are with.

A deck of cards averages around $2.99 at most local stores including WalMart and Target. Use a permanent marker from around the house to write the sentences onto the cards.

One can punch a hole in the corner of each card in the same place and connect them with a metal ring. If that doesn’t sound appealing, feel free to just slide the deck back into its original packaging.

This is perfect for a boyfriend or a girlfriend. People often ask their significant others for a homemade gift, made from the heart. This is simple, cheap and puts into words what some people struggle with on a day-to-day basis.

Pictures, Frames and Love Notes

This section will feature more than one craft idea because there are so many things one can do with the dozens, if not hundreds of photos people in relationships take together.

The first idea is one of the most basic. Find one of your or your significant other’s favorite photos and print it out. Find a nice frame, most cost around $9.99 with varying sizes available, that either you or your partner like. Place it in there, wrap it and call it good.

An addition to the above suggestion is writing a love note on the back panel of the frame. This is a simple way to remember when and where in your relationship the two of you were.

Then, when someone is cleaning the frame or has to move it, it is a simple reminder of how in love the two of you were and hopefully still are.

Another idea involving photos is to buy a matted frame and place an appropriate photo within. These are the frames where there is white, ivory color, gray or black card stock, for lack of a better word, around the placed photos.

Find particularly a nice photo, maybe a professionally done photo, have it printed and placed in the hole in the matted frame. On the side of the matted frame that faces out, write a love note to your significant other.

When the frame is hanging on the wall, forever you and your partner, spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend will have a daily reminder of the love the two of you share. It’s a simple, basic reminder to show each other how much one another mean to the other.

Even though it may be time consuming, it will be worth it. Frames can cost anywhere from $4.99 to $49.99, depending on the quality of the frame, details on the frame, etc. Find one that works for you. Photos can cost anywhere from 15 cents to $5 to print depending on the size and paper the photo is printed on.

These are simple and cheap ways to show your significant other you care about them, especially if you need to make something from the heart. They are cost effective, as well as provide daily reminders of the love between the two people.

Personalize or Engrave It

This is probably the most expensive thing to do on the list of things to gift to one’s partner. But, if you’ve presented a promise ring, become engaged, married or even just plan on giving any piece of jewelry, get it engraved.

Personalize the piece of jewelry with a short kind saying, phrase or few words to show how important your significant other is to you. Potentially add the year you plan on presenting the silver or gold item. The person receiving it will be able to forever remember this particular holiday season.

There are many different ways for students to essentially gift by doing it themselves. It make take a bit more time than just running to the store, but it will show that you are able to give something from the heart that has sentimental value. Things made from the heart are worth the time invested to make them, as they are usually appreciated more than just a simple material good.