Gifts to students are inevitable, necessary


While it is great to get new clothes or the newest technology, many college students are finding themselves in a funk when it comes to money and things they need. Receiving presents that are resourceful and essential for the holidays might be the big relief that college students need.

“I would be pretty excited to get essentials for Christmas,” Ciara Chambers, sophomore in political science, said. “My parents don’t spend that much money on Christmas, so if I got the things that I really need for college, [I] wouldn’t have to spend my own money on that stuff later down the line.”

Many college students find themselves in similar situations and do not want to toss out their own cash on something like laundry detergent. Laundry detergent can cost nearly $10. That is without the added cost of anything non-essential, but still useful such as dryer sheets, fabric softener, stain remover or color catchers.

An easy way to wrap this all up would be to fill a laundry basket with all of the essentials to clean clothes and include a roll or two of quarters for hitting the laundromat. All of these items added up offers a practical gift for the holidays and could come in as low as $50.

Ice scrapers are another thing some students find themselves asking for. Often times students from warmer parts of the country do not think to invest in an ice scraper. Students may have never had a need for one in the past. Ice scrapers can be cheap, but one that will be a little nicer and last a longer time could cost around $10. It’s an easy gift for a friend to wrap up and place under a tree.

“I actually got an ice scraper last year for Christmas, and it is literally the coolest thing ever,” Andrea Hopkins, sophomore in industrial engineering, said. “You put your hand into a glove and it keeps your hand warm and actually works really well. You kind of have to see it, but it really is the best ice scraper ever, and I am so happy that I had that under my tree.”

Other students may want something like a more entertaining as a holiday gift. A Netflix subscription essentially buys a variety of your favorite shows and movies that college students could enjoy watching during their free time. You can actually buy Netflix online as a gift and choose the number of months you would like to purchase. Also, they now have the option to pick out a gift card design and print it off all in the convenience of your own home.

“I would really love it if my parents got me Netflix for Christmas,” Evan Engwall, senior in chemical engineering, said. “Honestly, that would probably be one of my favorite presents, because I know I would actually use it instead of just getting another T-shirt to toss into my closet.”

Portable chargers would also be an essential tool that many students could utilize. Cell phones, tablets, computers and other devices frequently die while sitting in class or using them throughout the day. It can be frustrating waiting for your device to recharge, so a portable charger would ensure that one’s device never runs out of juice.

In terms of essentials, nothing is more fitting for students than textbooks.

College students might ask family to buy textbooks. They often try to stretch their student loans and financial aid throughout the entire semester. Some would love to know that they are going to get a little help for their books come the new semester.

Maybe one could even get away with asking for an entire semester of college as a really nice gift.

Another sigh of financial relief could be having rent paid for a month or two during the holiday season. A gift of financial freedom is a gift many college students could love beyond measure.

Gifts that are cost efficient for friends and roommates are sometimes hard to find. Instead of buying a cheap knickknack, try purchasing cheap essentials that college kids will utilize.

Food is an area that college kids end up spending a lot of their money. A box full of ramen noodles, peanut butter and jelly, crackers, canned soups, granola bars and other foods to tide a typical college kid over for a while are a great idea that will not go unnoticed. Give your friends the gift of food.

Another idea that one’s friends will actually use is a bathroom kit. One can fill a basket with toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash and other bathroom essentials.

One can make the gift at a fairly reasonable price by purchasing cheap shampoo and conditioner or one can go to a nice hair salon and purchase salon quality hair products. A person could also go to the mall and grab a holiday body wash from a variety of stores while it is on sale throughout the holiday season. Wrap the basket in cellophane and a nice bow, and one has a really thoughtful and creative holiday present.

Gifting essentials is a great way to give or receive a nice sigh of relief from the financial stresses that come with being a full-time college student.