How to celebrate finishing your finals


Dear future version of the reader,

Congratulations! You’ve made it through finals week with (hopefully) minimal physical and psychological damage! Now the real test can begin. Collegiate veterans, of course, will know what I am talking about. It is time to celebrate the end of the semester. It’s your last chance to party before either you or your friends return home for the holidays. Whether you plan on participating in one final bar crawl through the ‘Ville, or simply want to relax, it is of the utmost importance to perfect your post finals week celebration ritual.

While the stereotypical image of a celebrating college student involves copious amounts of alcohol, most students seem to anticipate fairly moderate celebrations.

“First and foremost I need to see my family and celebrate with them,” Anthony Porter, junior in history, said. “Because family time is most important in my life. I value family time.”

The desire to celebrate with family was reiterated by Pat Zenk, freshman in open option, who will be going through his first finals week at K-State.

“After finals week is break, which means Christmas, so me and my family are going to go celebrate Christmas with our relatives in Texas,” Zenk said.

Wanting to celebrate with family is something that is certainly understandable. For many students, it’s a chance to see loved ones for the first time in weeks or months. Celebrations can take many different forms and differ from person to person. Some students prefer to simply relax after the stressful grind of finals week.

“I didn’t really do anything special last year. I was just thankful to be done,” Kristin Haverkamp, sophomore in graphic design and photography, said.

While many of the students I talked to planned low key celebrations, they also shared the common theme of wanting to spend time with friends. Yet, although the idea of spending time with friends was shared by many students, the schedule of activities varied.

“[While I didn’t do anything last year], this year me and my roommates might go out to eat or go watch a movie,” Haverkamp said.

Porter had other plans.

“After I’ve spent time with [my family], I’ll go hang out with my friends, play some Xbox … do some shots,” Porter said.

Whether you plan on having a quiet night alone, want to spend some time with friends in a relaxed atmosphere or want to get crazy one last time, there are plenty of places to celebrate the end of the semester.

Carmike Seth Childs Cinema in Manhattan does not have their full schedule set at the time of this article’s publication, but have confirmed that they will be having several showings of the much anticipated movie “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.”

Similarly, for those who want to celebrate the end of dead week — which is potentially more stressful than finals for many students — UPC will be showing “Elysium” in the Union’s Forum Hall, with free admission for K-State students.

While most bars in Aggieville are not planning any events or specials specifically for finals week, there is one event that will spill over into finals week. Rusty’s Last Chance and Kite’s will both be holding over a week of specials dubbed “The 12 Days of Giving.” The event will go from Dec. 5 to Dec. 16 and includes discounts ranging from 50 cent tacos and half price burgers to 99 cent wells and $2.50 pounders. They will even be hosting an ugly Christmas sweater contest on Thursday, Dec. 12.

Regardless of the nature of your celebration, I think most of us can agree that finishing another semester is cause to pat yourself on the back, kick back and relax. Congratulations.