On the lookout for places to study


Finals week is almost upon us. With the multitude of group projects to complete and exams to study for, any well versed college student knows the importance of finding a quiet, warm study spot to claim as their territory.

But fear not, oh secluded study seekers: K-State and the surrounding Manhattan area are chalk full of serene places to hack away at those study guides.

The Hale library would be an obvious start. Its multitude of floors, cram-packed with alcoves and study areas, provide many students with space to barricade themselves into a cocoon of books, energy drinks and study guides. Not to mention the Great Room of the library that inspires avid studiers with the sense that they’ve stepped out of reality and into a hall at Hogwarts. Although the library’s main floor is often noisy and filled with bustling students, some find the surrounding commotion helpful to their study habits.

“I study in Hale on the second floor, because that’s usually the loudest and busiest,” Zachary Stroth, junior in family studies and human services, said. “When I’m in silence, my mind wanders and [I] can’t focus on the task. So, I try to pick busy areas to study at.”

If you are anything like Stroth and need a loud hectic space to fully engage your cognitive powers, then the Union might be another lively space to try.

“I enjoy the Union to study at. I can’t study in silence, I need movement around me,” Stroth said. “So, sitting at the tables in the Union, specifically across from Caribou overlooking the ledge, offers that. I am surrounded by people and movement, which in return help me to focus.”

Many people, however, prefer more quiet, isolated places to dive into their studies as opposed to overcoming the dull roar of the previously mentioned locations.

”I study either in my studio in Justin Hall or in the lounges in the new addition of Justin.” Rachel Knox, senior in interior design, said. “It’s usually quiet and there is lots of room to spread out my work and stay a while. I try to stay away from working in the library because it’s distracting and it’s hard to find a comfy spot that I can stay at for hours.”

This may not come as any surprise, but many students prefer to take advantage of the study areas that their college departments provide.

“I spend a lot of time in Bluemont hall since I’m an education major and we have our own little library called the Catalyst,” Stacie Glessner, senior in family and consumer science education, said. “It’s my favorite spot to study at because there aren’t a whole lot of people coming in and out so it’s less distraction and a lot quieter.

While the search for quiet, insulated corners to study in seems to be a goal for many studiers, some prefer to brave the heart of the commotion in pursuit of that hidden escape.

“I prefer to study at my house or hide in the stacks at the library,” Sara Teague, sophomore in animal science and industry, said. “It’s a lot quieter, and I can take a nap with no worries of being put on K-State passouts.”

But libraries and alcoves on campus aren’t the only places to set up camp and cram for those finals. If you like a steaming cup of imported joe while you work, then the Manhattan area has a few places just for you.

The Bluestem Bistro in Aggieville is a relatively quiet café hall that often sees students breach its doors for mocha and a mellow place to study. Although it can get pretty crowded at certain times in the evening, the shop’s warm interior is usually fairly relaxed during the afternoons.

“My favorite place would be Bluestem Bistro because I like the atmosphere of it and I like all the people,” Lauren Stroud, sophomore in children’s ministry at Manhattan Christian College, said. “Also, I like the coffee. It’s always good.”

In addition to the Bistro, Radina’s Coffee House is also a great place to sit and stew over your finals while the barista brews up some hot caramel lattes. With three locations around town and on campus, Radina’s offers a multitude of choices for students with a taste for coffee and a need for study space. Like Bluestem, towards the evening time, the noise level in Radina’s picks up as students and java lovers alike clamor for a warm cup and a spot by the windows.

Whether you’re one of those who can only study with the dull roar of a nearby crowd or someone who’s constantly on the lookout for the next little known study nook, there seems to be a place for almost any type out there on campus and in town.