Fan travels over 3,600 miles to see Wildcats in BWW Bowl


Fans love their K-State football. The loyal purple clad fans have proven this over the past two decades. It does not matter how far away the game might be, K-Staters will find their way to get to the game.

During Friday’s K-State pep rally at the Rawhide Western Town, Danny Callahan was recognized for his trek to the Valley of the Sun. Callahan, a K-State grad, traveled over 3,600 miles from Anchorage, AK to watch K-State take on the Michigan Wolverines in the 25th annual BWW Bowl.

Callahan has been a Wildcat fan since as long as he can remember. The Manhattan native graduated from the K-State in 2003 with a degree in Biology. These days, Callahan lives in Anchorage where the weather is a little different than that in Ariz.

“Its a 65 degree difference. It’s zero degrees now in Anchorage,” Callahan said.

During the pep rally, Callahan was recognized by the team and was awarded a football that was signed by K-State head coach Bill Snyder. Seeing the band perform reminded Callahan of his time as a Wildcat.

During his time at K-State, Callahan played the french horn for the pride of Wildcat land. This year, the members of the band loaded up the busses at 3 a.m on Christmas morning to start their journey to Tempe. Callahan understood the feeling, remembering the time in 2001 when he did the same thing. At that time, the BWW Bowl was still called the to as the bowl. Callahan was a member of the band when the Wildcats traveled to Tempe to play Syracuse in the bowl.