Back to school: a playlist to amp students up for the spring semester


The start of class brought both bitter cold weather and bittersweet emotions for students. Some students were excited to be back in a routine and around friends. Others, however, wished break wouldn’t have ended quite yet.

No matter how you feel, school is back in session. So here are a few songs to get you energized while walking around campus.

1.) “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor

If you have ever listened to this song while walking around campus, it will automatically get you pumped up for whatever you are doing. As cliche as it may seem, it holds a lot of truth. There are very few songs that are as good at getting people energized than “Eye of the Tiger.” It is a classic song that belongs in everyone’s pump-up playlist.

2.) “Roar” by Katy Perry

Even though it’s a newer song, and significantly more pop than “Eye of the Tiger,” the purpose of “Roar” is to get people motivated to do things they never thought they could do. While walking across campus from the parking garage to your next class it can inspire you to be courageous and to take more chances. The beginning of a new semester is always an ideal time for that. Maybe you’ll even roar and surprise a few people.

3.) “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor

This song took over the summer Olympics as a perfect entrance or routine song. That also makes it ideal for the beginning of a new semester. Not everyone is happy to be back. That’s fair. However, this song can help motivate students, faculty and staff to start the semester off strong, and stay motivated throughout the entire semester. Maybe school is 10 percent luck, 20 percent skill, 15 percent concentrated power of will, 5 percent pleasure, 50 percent pain and 100 percent reason for other people to remember your name.

4.) “Not Afraid” by Eminem

He says he’s not afraid; you shouldn’t be either. It’s just another semester at K-State. Whether this is your second semester or your last semester, you shouldn’t be afraid of it. We’ve been here before and done the same routine time and time again. It’s good to have a clean slate and be able to start new every six or so months. Don’t be afraid of what this semester has in store for any of you.

5.) “We Will Rock You” by Queen

This song is a staple of what it means to get amped up for a new semester. Consider it a personal motto to rock your spring semester. With its hard bass and notes, this song is ideal to get anyone ready for what’s in store. The lyrics are also easy to learn and may often get stuck in your head. Keep that in mind when you can’t stop humming it by the time your first exam rolls around.

6.) “Amazing” by Kanye West featuring Young Jeezy

If you ever need a self-esteem boost, just sing the lyrics to this song to yourself. It will encourage you to be at your highest potential every day – and that’s how your attitude about every semester should start. It’s important to be confident in what the semester has in store for people. Whether you are facing 12 or 21 credit hours, have a positive outlook about what the semester has in store for you. It will make it more bearable.

There is a lot to look forward to this semester: new classes, new opportunities to meet people, and new chances to get your grade point average up. So, feel free to get pumped up through music, as most of us do, and remember to start the semester strong and to end even stronger.