Response to Andrew Roger’s same-sex marriage column


To the editor,
We are writing in response to Andrew Rogers’ opinion article concerning same-sex marriage that appeared in the Thursday, Jan. 23 edition of The Collegian. In his opinion article, Mr. Rogers put forward unrealistic possibilities concerning the involvement of the state in certifying marriages and cited the usual types of misinformation (i.e., that all “sin” should be criminalized and the heterosexual marriage “stabilizes” society).
These arguments are based on a narrowly held and false set of assumptions. Specifically, he assumes that same-sex marriage (and homosexuality) is a sin and that in some way same-sex marriages negatively impact societal stability and humankind. We know that these assumptions are not held by all Christians and certainly not by U.S. citizens as indicated by recent polling data.
Furthermore, there are a slew of studies we could cite that counter those included in his piece. We would like to suggest a fourth Biblically supported option for all people, regardless of religious affiliation;
simply be accepting and love thy neighbor.
Michael Herman – Professor of Biology
Dorinda Lambert – Coordinator SafeZone
Ted Morgan – Associate Professor of Biology