K-State alumnus found slain inside Wichita radio station

Daniel Flores (right) was found dead inside a Wichita radio station Monday morning. Flores was a K-State alumnus and KSDB radio host.

The body of K-State alumnus Daniel Flores was discovered in a Wichita radio station Monday morning. Flores was employed with the sports radio station KGSO-AM. Wichita Police determined there was a struggle and he was killed due to blunt force trauma.

An employee at the building discovered several misplaced items Monday morning and began searching for signs of burglary. Flores’ body was discovered in the basement.

The 25-year-old Flores worked on the station’s automation system and was scheduled to work Sunday night until 9 or 10 p.m.

Flores was a mainstay at KSDB-FM, where he hosted sports talk shows. Dan Page, a K-State alumnus and childhood friend, worked with Flores at the college radio station.

“We went to high school in Derby and played football together,” Page said. “He was a year ahead of me and he always encouraged me. He’s the only reason why I went to college.”

Flores was often called “Flo” and was passionate about sports and his studies, according to Page.

“He had a great way of looking at life,” Page said. “I wish more people could view life the way he did.”

Jared Clark, senior in mass communications, also worked with Flores at KSDB. Clark said Flores’ passion was one of his most memorable traits.

“He was a freaking awesome guy,” Clark said. “He lived, drank and ate sports.”

Mary Renee Shirk, a K-State alumna and former KSDB station manager, referred to a Flores t-shirt some of the people at the station made.

“It was my first day on the job and all of the guys had t-shirts with his face on them to convince me to hire him,” Shirk said. “It was fantastic to see how many people liked him.”

Flores would often help promote the radio station, even putting on a leprechaun outfit for Saint Patrick’s Day and walking around Aggieville, according to Shirk.

“He would do anything for the radio show,” Shirk said. “He was just a really loyal guy.”

Shirk said she was surprised to hear of his death and could not understand why it occurred.

“It’s sort of scary that something like that could happen,” Shirk said. “I never met anybody who didn’t like him. I’m sorry we lost a great radio professional.”

That sentiment was shared by Steven Smethers, associate director of undergraduate studies for the A.Q. Miller School and associate professor of journalism.

“I know of nobody who loved K-State and K-State sports more than he did,” Smethers said. “I just can’t imagine the chain of events that would lead to the evening that happened.”

Smethers said that Flores’ death was the saddest thing to have occurred in all his years of teaching.

“He would work all hours of the day,” Smethers said. “He was somebody who wasn’t afraid to go after what he wanted. He didn’t let anything stop him.”

Police are still investigating, but have no leads and made no arrests. Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call Wichita Police Department at 316-268-4141 or anonymously to Wichita/Sedgwick County Crime Stoppers at 316-267-2111.