Students say ‘day of love’ involves spending quality time


Valentine’s Day. The time of year that consumes stores with red, pink and white themed hearts, candies and gifts to buy for significant others.

While the day of love may seem overrated to some students, others appear to love the romance-filled holiday and plan to spend it doing a wide array of activities. Some have significant others that will go all out in a very traditional sense – they’ll buy flowers and candy, go to dinner and a movie, and end the evening with something romantic.

That traditional experience isn’t for everyone though, whether they don’t have the luxury of being able to spend a day like that or they just don’t want it.

“Well, me and my boyfriend are tight for money,” Johnnie Harvey, senior in mass communications, said. “So we are having a nice intimate dinner (at home): macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and maybe a frozen pizza. For us, it is not about what we give each other. It is about being together. For me, just being around my boyfriend is enough.”

An night in might be ideal for some people, while others prefer to go out. Joey Boos, senior in theater, said he plans on spending Valentine’s Day out with one of his good friends.

“I plan on going to dinner with one of my best friends, Sara,” Boos said. “Then, we are going to see ‘God of Carnage’ and, after that, going to have drinks in Aggieville.”

Boos said these plans are pretty similar to his previous Valentine’s Day plans. He said he usually spends this day with friends, because they tend to be the best one’s to spend the day and night with when not with a significant other.

For those who have significant others, however, it might be a given to spend this holiday with them, if they are not in a long-distance relationship. Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, it may seem opportune for people to connect with others in celebration of this day.

“I’m making dinner with a friend for our boyfriends, who live together,” Olivia Tolson, senior in elementary education, said. “Then, probably just watching movies. I’m doing it because I like hanging out with them. And (my friend) asked me to do this with her.”

There are many different ways to spend Valentine’s Day. But, often, the answer just boils down to wanting to continue to connect with the one they care about.

“My idea of the best Valentine’s Day gift is quality time, whether that means going on some kind of adventure or just laying low,” Emily Rauckman, senior in kinesiology, said. “There is nothing I want more than time spent with the one I love during this celebration of love, or on any day.”

Rauckman said the most ideal way to spend Valentine’s Day would be cooking dinner with her boyfriend. She said she currently has no plans for Friday, but maybe that is something she will do.

With many different opportunities for people at K-State and in Manhattan to participate in this Valentine’s Day, there shouldn’t be any worries about what to do. Whether it involves staying in, going out, or a mixture of the two, there are very few wrong ways to spend time with the people you care most about.