Student Governing Association presidential primary election results


The polls for the annual Student Government Association closed tonight at 6 p.m., after being open since noon Tuesday. Students were able to cast their ballot online to determine which two presidential and vice-presidential candidate parings would continue on from the primaries to the general election.

This year’s front runners were Reagan Kays, senior in agribusiness and Cody Kennedy, junior in secondary education and mathematics, with 1,660 of the 2,069 casted votes – approximately 80 percent of the total votes.

Jarrett Romine, sophomore in biology, and AJ Davis, sophomore in business administration, were the second pair of candidates chosen with 338 votes – roughly 16 percent of the total votes.

Other candidates that received votes included: David Howell, senior in management and Frederick Amstutz, senior in mass communcations, with 13; Corbin Pfrang, sophomore in biological systems engineering, and Omari Lawrence, graduate student in family and communication services, with 12; William Damme-Longinaker, junior in agricultural economics, and Candice Wilson, senior in agricultural economics, with nine; Kyle Nuss, senior in architectural engineering, and Ariel Mendiola, senior in sociology, with six; Tyler Pemble, junior in finance, and David Shorman, senior in construction science and management, with three; Christopher Sourk, senior in entrepreneurship, and Stephen Andersen, graduate student in accounting, with two; and Thaddeus Martin, senior in accounting, and Levi Eck, sophomore in electrical engineering, with two.

According to the SGA primary election results, 23 other pairings were nominated and received one vote each.