Tweeting with Embers


Earlier this week, I opened up my twitter so that Collegian readers could send in questions they had about sports, life, food or anything else on their mind. From this, I have attempted to create a light-hearted, entertaining, informative column that bring you the reader and me the writer closer together.

Tweet #1
Dominating in college and dominating in the NBA are two different things. Michael Beasley was drafted No. 2 overall because his potential was through the roof. Unfortunately, he lacks the self-control and attentiveness needed to be a big-time player at the NBA level. In fact, if his current experiment with the Miami Heat doesn’t go according to plan, Beasley might be looking for employment outside the NBA.

The Kansas City Chiefs’ biggest need has to be a wide receiver. They’ve already locked into an absurd $56 million, five-year contract with Dwayne Bowe, so rebuilding that position through the draft is a must. With the draft pick the Chiefs will likely have, I like Southern California wide receiver Marqise Lee. He’s a dynamic playmaker with great hands and above average speed.

Tweet #3
Try switching over to dill pickles. That did the trick for me.

Tweet #4
Right now, I have KU’s Andrew Wiggins and Duke’s Jabari Parker as the front runners. Both guys have immense talent and limitless potential, and both will likely have great NBA careers. However, if forced to pick, I’ve got to go with Wiggins because of how dominant a defender he could be at the next level. His athleticism and length could make him Paul George-esque in the NBA.

Tweet #5
I think it is a culmination of several things. First and foremost, the Wildcats are young and inexperienced. At home, you can kind of hide that. On the road, however, it gets exposed. K-State’s second challenge is their reliance on jump shooting. The Wildcats struggle to get easy baskets and haven’t quite figured out that they aren’t a good 3-point shooting team.

Tweet #6
What’s your budget? Actually, I don’t care. You go Jimmy Johns and you never look back. But always pay the extra 60 cents and add hot peppers. You can thank me later.

Tweet #7
Let me paint this picture: Missouri, Wichita State, K-State and Kansas all participate in an early season tournament – like the Maui Invitational – at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo. What negatives could there possibly be? That would be the hottest ticket in the NCAA for the first two months of the season.

Tweet #8
First off, Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant is definitely in the lead right now. I’m sure Miami Heat forward LeBron James is going to post video game numbers the rest of the year, but Durant is aiming to finish this season averaging 32 points, eight rebounds and six assists per game. We haven’t seen anything like that since Michael Jordan. Only thing that could change where the MVP race is at right now is Russell Westbrook’s selfishness.
Secondly, the game is for the fans. So the fans get to decide. Plain and simple.

Tweet #9
Since she didn’t ask a question, I will: at what point does this become less of a joke and more of an issue? It is becoming comical watching students circle around parking lots in their cars like vultures, waiting to prey on the poor students walking to their vehicles. Fix it K-State. Please!

Tweet #10
Numbers are concrete and provide the easiest way to evaluate a player. These general managers might make a lot of money, but as NFL informationalist Scott Pioli showed Chiefs nation, they aren’t all working with a full deck of cards. Remember when the Oakland Raiders took wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey in the first round because he ran a 4.25 second 40 meter dash? Classic Raiders.

Tweet #12
The pitching needs to improve, and K-State senior infielder Ross Kivett needs to start playing like an all-conference guy, but other than that, I’ll chalk the bad start up to all eight games coming on the road.

Tweet #13
Keep in mind that it was cold out, I was in sweats, and that the old stadium turf is bumpy, but my 40 meter dash time was clocked at 5.12 seconds. Pretty good eh? Even more impressive was that I was able to churn out 21 pushups without stopping. I think that if I can cut 10-20 pounds, that number might skyrocket up over 30. Stay tuned.

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