Senate debates academic competition team funding


Teams of students that travel across the country to compete for national awards, and the recognition for K-State that comes with them, may find it easier to obtain funding through the Student Governing Association. The Student Senate passed legislation allocating an additional $30,000 to these groups in their meeting Thursday.

Bill 13/14/87 would have originally allocated an extra $20,000 to academic competition teams before Senator Mason Grittman, senior in mechanical engineering, proposed an amendment to increase the funding by $10,000. He argued that investing in the teams was a good use for funds in SGA’s Reserve for Contingencies account than allowing it to sit unused. The amendment passed by a vote of 30-6.

Treasurer Cody Kennedy, junior in math and education and SGA’s vice president-elect, opposed the amendment. He said he planned to introduce legislation in the near future increasing funding for the teams, but maintained the importance of keeping money on hand in the reserve account.

“I understand how important academic competition teams are to the university and our recognition, and I think [an extra] $10,000 can go a little further, but $20,000 is enough for this year,” Kennedy said.

Senator Andy Blattner, senior in industrial engineering, said he saw both sides of the debate, but argued in favor of Grittman’s amendment.

“There’s such a huge demand for the funding that although reducing the reserve account isn’t ideal, I don’t think we should be afraid to do so to spend that money for a good cause,” Blattner said.

Several senators, including Grittman, estimated the current balance of the Reserve for Contingencies Account at roughly $170,000.

The bill was one of three introduced Thursday and special ordered into final action. Bills 13/14/85, 86 and 87 all requested additional funding from the reserve account to allocate to groups around campus. Bill 85 grants access of up to $10,000 of additional funding to campus-wide organizations, and Bill 86 allows access of up to $10,000 to college allocations organizations. All three bills passed unanimously in final action.

In addition to the legislation, the Communications Committee announced a promotional week for SGA following spring break. The week will include chalking on campus, social media giveaways and a banner in Bosco Plaza reading “#WhyWabash,” on which students will be encouraged to write things they love about K-State.

During his director’s report, Student Body President Eli Schooley, senior in political science, said that representatives from the College of Agriculture and K-State Libraries will come before the Tuition Strategies Committee, today, to answer questions about their proposals to increase student fees.

“We’ll hopefully get some good answers as to what their fee increases will be used to fund,” Schooley said.

Summary of Legislation


  • Bill 13/14/84 FY 2014 Allocation to LGBT and Allies
  • Bill 13/14/85 FY 2014 Request for Additional Funds for Campus-Wide Organizations
  • Bill 13/14/86 FY 2014 Request for Additional Funds for College Allocations Organizations
  • Bill 13/14/87 Request for Special Allocation


  • Resolution 13/14/71 Resolution Supporting the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act
  • Resolution 13/14/72 Approval of Amendments to the College of Architecture Dean’s Advisory Council
  • Resolution 13/14/73 Approval of FY 2015 Student Centered Tuition Enhancements Committee Allocations
  • Bill 13/14/88 Creation of the Recreational Complex Operating Budget Supplement Agreement
  • Bill 13/14/89 Decrease of the Recreational Complex Maintenance Reserve Privilege Fee Agreement
  • Bill 13/14/90 Increase in the Recreational Services Privilege Fee
  • Bill 13/14/91 Continuance of the Rec. Services Equip. Repair and Replacement Reserve Privilege Fee
  • Bill 13/14/92 Increase in the Sports Club Privilege Fee
  • Bill 13/14/93 FY 2014 Allocation to the KSU International Tuba and Euphonium Association