Marathon Senate meeting sees boatload of legislation


As members of the Student Senate’s technology committee continued to promote a survey aimed at garnering student input on the development of a K-State mobile app, Ben Dewberry, co-founder of LigoSphere, LLC, spoke to Senators about a different sort of app. Dewberry’s company is launching an app intended to “[help] you keep up with what’s happening on your college campus.”

According to Dewberry, K-State is among five campuses that will have access to an alpha version of the app in the App Store and Google Play on April 3. Features of the app include postings of campus events, job and internship opportunities, food and drink specials, a ‘shop and swap’ marketplace similar to Craigslist, a lost and found section and more.

Dewberry said the app will require a .edu email address to log in, limiting its features to the respective campus communities.

After Dewberry’s presentation, the Senate moved into legislation. With the final meeting of the session slated for next week, Senators spent more than three hours introducing and passing bills and resolutions.

Summary of Legislation

Resolution 13/14/71: Resolution Supporting the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act
Resolution 13/14/72: Approval of Amendments to the College Architecture Dean’s Advisory Council
Resolution 13/14/73: Approval of FY 2015 Student Centered Tuition Enhancements Committee Allocations
Bill 13/14/88: Creation of the Recreational Complex Operating Budget Supplement Agreement
Bill 13/14/89: Decrease of the Recreational Complex Maintenance Reserve Privilege Fee Agreement
Bill 13/14/90: Increase in Recreational Services Privilege Fee
Bill 13/14/91: Continuance of the Rec. Services Equip. Repair and Replacement Reserve Privilege Fee
Bill 13/14/92: Increase in the Sports Club Privilege Fee
Bill 13/14/93: FY 2014 Allocation to the KSU International Tuba and Euphonium Association
Bill 13/14/95: FY 2014 Allocation to National Society of Black Engineers
Bill 13/14/101: Request for Special Allocation to the Quiz Bowl Club
Bill 13/14/104: FY 2014 Allocation to Investment Club

Bill 13/14/99: Increase in the OSAS Privilege Fee
Bill 13/14/100: FY 2015 Academic Competition Teams Allocation
Bill 13/14/102: FY 2014 Allocation to AgEcon and Agribusiness Club
Bill 13/14/103: FY 2014 Allocation to Hospitality Management Society
Bill 13/14/105: FY 2014 Allocation to Block and Bridle
Bill 13/14/106: FY 2015 Allocation to Engineering Ambassadors
Bill 13/14/107: FY 2015 Allocation to Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Bill 13/14/108: FY 2015 Allocation to Student Speech Language Hearing Association
Bill 13/14/109: FY 2014 Allocation to Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
Bill 13/14/110: Amendments to Chapter 30 of KSU SGA Statutes