Kays and Kennedy take office as new Senate term begins


In the Big 12 Room of the K-State Student Union Thursday night, former student body president and vice president, Eli Schooley and Jake Unruh, passed the torch onto their successors Reagan Kays, senior in agribusiness, and Cody Kennedy, junior in education and mathematics.

Kays and Kennedy were elected in March by the student body in a landslide victory.

“Cody and I are really excited for our year of service to the student body,” Kays, senior in agribusiness, said. “Our top priority is representing students to K-State administration and alumni and the City of Manhattan, and we’re ready to get to work on our platform issues.”

Schooley, senior in political science, said he’s proud of what his team was able to achieve during his term.

“When you’re surrounded by incredible people, your goals become a lot easier to realize than they would otherwise be,” Schooley said. “I’m excited to see all that the Kays and Kennedy administration will achieve in the coming year. Reagan and Cody are passionate leaders who won’t stop until their goals are reality.

Schooley said he plans to enroll in a law school next year, and that while leaving Manhattan and the people he’s grown close to here will be difficult, he’s excited to see what his future holds.

After the new leaders of the student body were sworn in, Kyle Nuss opened the floor for nominations to succeed him as Speaker of the senate. In a close election, Abby Works, senior in chemistry, and former chief of staff for Schooley’s cabinet, was chosen to fill the position. She will chair meetings of the senate, Student Governing Association’s executive committee and oversee senators and officers.

“Abby is great and I have all the faith in the world in her,” Nuss, senior in architectural engineering, said.

The new collection of senators were sworn in early in the meeting, then voted on the next speaker pro tempore. In another close vote, Kurt Lockwood, junior in agricultural economics, was elected to the position, assuming the duties of the speaker in her absence. Lockwood will also chair the Student Affairs Committee and the Diversity Programming Committee.

Summary of Legislation Passed:
Resolution 14/15/01: Commendation to Ben Champion
Resolution 14/15/02: Approval of New Student Senators
Resolution 14/15/03: Approval of Attorney General Nominee Interview Committee