K-State, Manhattan wallet-friendly activities


The K-State campus and Manhattan area are host to some great places that emphasize each community’s uniqueness. Since it’s a new environment for many people, it’s nice to know about some of the free or low cost activities you can do that won’t break the bank.

1. Enjoy the outdoors
This has multiple layers to it. K-State is a fairly condensed campus, geographically speaking, but there are still many on-campus locations that offer nice scenery. While many people spend incredible amounts of time in a classroom, at home or at Hale Library, it’s good to get outside. So, take your homework, textbook or a group of friends and get outside. Soaking up some Vitamin D from the sun will make you feel better about life in general.

There are also many hiking and biking trails around town that are perfect for you if you enjoy outdoor recreational activities. These are great to take advantage of as Manhattan continues to grow. Some of the best nature to be in seen around here are on these trails. Linear Park Trail is a walking and biking trail that winds around Manhattan. For a complete map and list of access points, visit the City of Manhattan website.

One of the most well-known aspects of Manhattan is the Flint Hills region. There is the 2.8 mile Nature Trail that all people can utilize from sunrise to sunset, making it a great opportunity for people to get outside. The Flint Hills walking trails are beautiful and worth checking out at least once while you have time here.

2. Dining and Drinks
As you may know, Aggieville is caddy-corner from campus and offers a wide variety of both restaurants and bars within a reasonable walking distance. While some places in this business district are nationally-known chain restaurants, there many are locally owned, uniquely-themed restaurants and bars that you’ll only find in Manhattan.

Aggieville isn’t the only place to find unique restaurants and bars, however. West Loop, historic downtown, and Poyntz Business District all offer local places you can eat or grab drinks.

3. See a show
Whether it’s a play, musical, concert or some other kind of production, there are plenty of stage-entertainment opportunities in Manhattan and on campus.

On campus, it can be incredibly beneficial to see a student production in the Mark A. Chapman Theatre in Nichols Hall or the Purple Masque Theatre in Old Stadium. Student productions will also sometimes set up shop in McCain Auditorium. The student productions here are one of a kind; the level of talent and excellence will completely blow your mind.

McCain performances are another option. The McCain Performance Series brings in many different types of well-known shows, bands, performers and acts from all over the world. McCain offers students discounts for tickets.

There are also plenty of opportunities to see a wide variety of live music in Manhattan – anything from rap to alternative rock and from country to show tunes. Seeing live music in Manhattan is something everyone should experience.

4. Enjoy yourself
While you are here to get an education, remember to enjoy yourself and your time here. Coursework, campus involvement and having a job can be stressful, and time management may not always seem to work so it’s important to take time for yourself.

There are plenty of opportunities to help you reduce the stress and anxiety from transitioning from home to college can cause. College can be a stressful experience.

So, take a step back and enjoy some time at Manhattan Hill. It is free to visit and a great location to see Manhattan from a different angle. The wide open sky will help when you just need to breathe.

Manhattan Hill is located on the east side of town and features white MANHATTAN letters. Head east on Anderson Avenue and turn left on Juliette Avenue. Follow the hill up and turn right on Bluemont Drive until you get to Bluemont Scenic Overlook.

While college is about getting an education, making connections, being prepared, getting experience and meeting people, don’t forget to enjoy the time you have here. Find something that you enjoy doing so you can share with the new friends you make- at little to no cost to you!

Jakki Forester is a senior in American ethnic studies and journalism. She has lived in Manhattan for almost three years, and is The Collegian specialist in finding awesome and hidden attractions.