Weekly food inspection reports


Fuzzy’s Taco Shop
606 N. 12th Street
Date of Inspection: July 8, 2014
Reason: Follow-up

  • Seven plastic pans, two graters stored as clean were found with sticker residue. One ladle stored as clean was found with old food debris. All corrected on site by moving to the warewash area. 4-601.11(A)
  • West middle door of establishment does not fully close. 6-202.15(A)(3)
  • Three stacked pans on clean pan rack were found wet. 4-903.11(B)
  • Door seals on walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer were found torn and not sealing properly. 4-501.11(B)
  • No sanitizer test strips for chlorine. Corrected on site; test strips were provided. 4-302.14

La Fiesta
2301 Tuttle Creek Blvd.
Date of Inspection: July 8, 2014
Reason: Follow-up

  • One employee beverage cup stored on the shelf next to the clean dishes. Corrected on site; discarded. 2-401.11
  • Rice in walk-in cooler is date marked prepared July 2, discard July 7. Stated they mismarked the discard date. Corrected on site by correcting the date mark. 3-501.18(A)(1)
  • Cup of sugar behind bar is not labeled. Corrected on site by labeling. 3-302.12
  • The sprayer for the 3 vat sink is broken. There is a hose attached to the sink by the back door with a sprayer on it that is being used to spray off the dishes. The sprayer is hung up to provide an air gap since there is no backflow device on the back sink. 5-205.15(B)

Mr. K’s Cafe Inc.
3901 Vanesta Drive
July 8, 2014
Reason: Follow-up

  • Gallon of milk in reach in cooler behind bar does not have a date mark. Corrected on site; date marked. (1 of 50 items). 3-501.18(A)(2)
  • Jar of sugar not labeled. Corrected on site; discarded. 3-302.12
  • Container of sugar has scoop with handle laying in the sugar. Corrected on site; removed scoop. 3-304.12(B)

Taqueria Los Burritos
332 Sherry Place
July 8, 2014

Reason: Follow-up

  • Shredded chicken in the refrigerator is labeled June 30, 2014. Stated it was prepared yesterday and the new sticker fell off. Corrected on site by correcting date. (1 of 30 items) 3-501.18(A)(1)
  • Refrigerator has an ambient temperature of 58 F after lunch rush and repeated opening of door. Corrected on site by moving all PHF to glass door cooler. 4-301.11
  • Drawer containing clean utensils has dry food debris in the bottom. 4-903.11(A)
  • Bread stored in freezer in non-food grade plastic to-go bags. 4-101.11(A)
  • Two plastic containers have cracks and holes in them. Corrected on site; discarded. 4-202.11(A)(2)

Asian Market of Manhattan
2304 Stagg Hill Road Suite D
July 10, 2014
Reason: Complaint

  • Hand sink next to three vat sink in food prep area has large trash can in front of it. Corrected on site; moved trash can. 5-205.11(A)
  • Meat slicer has debris on the surface. Knives stored as clean have debris on them. Corrected on site; rewashed. 4-601.11(A)
  • Several items in the meat freezer have multiple date stickers on them covering the original date. 3-601.12(A)
  • The dishwashing area has approximately 10 live flies. Corrected on site; killed flies and cleaned area. 6-501.111(A)
  • There are empty cardboard boxes on the ground around the dumpster. 5-501.115

Hibachi Hut
429 Poyntz Ave.
July 10, 2014
Reason: Routine

  • Kitchen hand sink used as dump sink, has ice in it from meat ice bath. 5-205.11(B)
  • There are no hand sink signs by the hand sinks. Corrected on site; provided signs. 6-301.14
  • Bottle of Maker’s Mark whisky has one small dead fly inside bottle. Corrected on site; discarded bottle. 3-101.11
  • Vegetable slicer stored as clean has food debris on it. Corrected on site; placed in sink for rewash. Two plastic containers stored as clean have food debris in them. Corrected on site; placed by sink for rewash. 4-601.11(A)
  • Raw chicken in ice bath on counter 50 F on top, 41 F on bottom. Raw beef in ice bath on counter 45 F on top, 41 F on bottom. Corrected on site; rearranged chicken and beef to maintain temperature. Sliced tomatoes in prep RIC 45. Coleslaw in prep table 45. Corrected on site; adjusted cooler temperature. 3-501.16(A)(2)
  • No consumer advisory is available for cooked-to-order hamburger. Corrected on site; provided sign. 3-603.11(A)
  • Fryer cleaning chemicals stored on shelf above bags of bread. Corrected on site; moved chemicals. 7-201.11(B)
  • Large prep ambient temperature 45 F. Corrected on site; adjusted temperature. 4-301.11
  • Ice scoop stored on top of ice machine. Corrected on site; placed in a washable pan. 4-903.11(A)
  • Plastic containers stacked wet. Corrected on site; rewashed. 4-903.11(B)
  • One plastic lid and one plastic pan had cracks. Corrected on site; discarded. 4-202.11(A)(2)
  • Several plastic cutting boards have deep cuts in them. Advised to sand them down to be smooth. 4-501.12
  • The hand sink by the dishwashing area is not working. There is another hand sink in the kitchen available for use. A repair person has been called. 5-205.15(B)
  • Current license not posted in view. Corrected on site; posted current license. 8-304.11(A)