On-campus jobs provide convenience and connections

Photo by Taylor Alderman | The Collegian Hong Fu Chen, senior in biology, discusses information about fixing a computer with Graham Krizek, senior in operations management at the IT desk in Hale Library on August 11. K-State offers many on-campus jobs that give students many opportunities like working with other students and staying on campus.

Whether it’s to pay for tuition or to have a little extra spending money, many students look for part-time jobs while in college. A variety of departments at K-State provide opportunities for students to stay on campus while working.

Housing and Dining Services is the largest opportunity for students to gain a position, with more than 800 jobs available including those in food service and resident assistance, according to the Career and Employment Services website.

Gus Lamb, junior in agronomy, worked as a community assistant in the residence halls last year and said he would recommend the job. Between living and working on campus, he said he enjoyed the amount of new people he got to meet and the close proximity to his classes.

“On-campus jobs are more likely to work with your hours and be more flexible. They also offer good on-campus contacts and connections,” Lamb said.

Housing and Dining Services also offers food service jobs. Dishan Nahitiya, sophomore in computer engineering, works in the Derby Dining Center. Nahitiya said he recommends a job where you can work and study in the same place. He said one benefit is the lack of traveling expenses when you work on campus as well as taking classes.

Another option for students looking for on-campus work is with a specific college. Lexie Hays, junior in mass communications, said she was hired by the College of Arts and Sciences her freshman year and continues to work there.

“I love this job because it doesn’t require working nights or weekends, and I got to know little things about K-State,” Hays said.

She also said she agreed that working on campus provides opportunities to meet many more people.

“I have made many great connections through my job (at the College of Arts and Sciences) that I can hopefully keep in my post-graduate career,” Hays said.

Hays said she recommends students get an on-campus job, noting that it may even help students find a major.

“Working an on-campus job made me step out of my comfort zone and really got the ball rolling for my career choice,” Hays said.

K-State’s Career and Employment Services lists several employment opportunities available to students on their website including positions with Housing and Dining Services; K-State Athletics; the K-State Student Union; Hale Library; Facilities; Information Technology Services; Animal Sciences; and the Departments of Biology and Agronomy.

K-State Athletics is another large employer at K-State, with 350 student employee positions including ushers, ticket takers, security, clean-up workers and stage hands.

Pat Bosco, vice president for student life and dean of students, said K-State’s Career and Employment Services office does a wonderful job of posting student employment opportunities.

“Students working with moderation not only helps with their bills but could add focus and time management,” Bosco said.

A complete list of open on-campus jobs is available to all students by activating their Career and Employment Services accounts. Using their K-State eIDs and passwords, students can search for jobs and even receive email notifications when new jobs are posted.