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Russia reinforced a stealth invasion on Ukraine

In an effort to further strengthen pro-Russia revolts in eastern Ukraine, Russia sent reinforcements of armored troops across the countries’ border in order to gain further control of a larger Ukrainian section on Aug. 27, according to a New York Times article published Wednesday.

This movement, said to include five armored personnel carriers, was at least the third reinforcement that Russia used this week to weaken the momentum of the countering Ukrainian forces.

“Russia is clearly trying to put its finger on the scale to tip things back in favor of its proxies,” said an anonymous senior American official in the article. “Artillery barrages and other Russian military actions have taken their toll on the Ukranian military.”

These military movements had the distinct possibility of discouraging any hope that the Russian-Ukraine conflict was nearing an end. Russia has denied that it is aiding the insurgents.

President Obama eschews talk of military strike against Syria

President Barack Obama has denied allegations of planned military action against Syria, stating that, “We don’t have a strategy yet,” for helping take down the violent military group ISIL, in a Kansas First News article Thursday.

Before convening a meeting of his national security advisers about options for confronting the Islamic State group, he said his strategy would require more than military action. He called for more political support from other Middle Eastern nations, saying they need to stop being ambivalent about the goals of groups such as ISIL.

Obama also said his main priority is countering the group’s gains in Iraq, and that he would consult with members of Congress before taking military action. However, he has not yet committed to seeking a vote from Congress.

Tony Stewart is returning to race track after striking and killing another driver

Tony Stewart will make his return to competing in the Sprint Cup on Sunday, his first race since he hit and killed fellow racer Kevin Ward, Jr., according to a Kansas First article published Thursday.

Stewart has taken a three-race hiatus since Aug. 9, the night of the accident. Stewart-Haas Racing Executive Vice President Brett Frood said the return is on Stewart’s own terms, stating that the team had put no time table on his return to racing, to ensure he would be mentally prepared when he did.

New York’s Ontario County Sheriff Philip Povero has said that there is no evidence to support any criminal intent on Stewart’s part, and no charges have been filed.

Public nudity legal in Kansas

Several Topeka citizens were perturbed when they viewed a naked man walking the streets of the city, but were even more upset when they discovered that there was nothing the police could do. This is because walking nude in public is not illegal in the state of Kansas, according to a WIBW article published Monday.

“Unless someone is exposing themselves (in a sexual manner), it’s really not anything against the law,” Shawnee County Sheriff Herman Jones said.

Several state legislators were contacted by 13 News about the statute, but only one was even remotely familiar with it.