Bosco welcomes back SGA senate, student cabinet

Photo by Elaine Sisco | The Collegian Members of SGA listen to Ameerah McBride during her presentation at the Thursday night meeting in the Union.

The K-State Student Governing Association called its first meeting of the year to order Thursday.

The meeting, which included introductory training for attendees, featured a welcome back speech by vice president of student life Pat Bosco. Bosco talked about how student government is the central organization, and meets in the best space on campus – the Big XII Room. He also talked about the roll SGA plays in improving K-State.

“Your voices are meaningful,” Bosco said “Putting students first is more than just a slogan, it’s more than just the color purple. Where we sit in the stadium was negotiated by the people in this room. The permanent funding the marching band has, was negotiated by the people in this room.”

Bosco also discussed the challenges SGA faces this coming year, including helping students afford school.

“The number one reason why students cannot come to our school, cannot join our family, is because of money,” Bosco said. “We’ve got to get a handle on how we can address our cost of going to school.”

After his speech, Ameerah McBride, investigator and deputy Title IX coordinator for K-State, spoke to the student senators and cabinet. She said her office is not a confidential reporting source, meaning the university is obligated to investigate reports of discrimination, domestic or sexual violence, sexual assault or harrassment if there is enough information. However, that does not mean the office will also pass along the information to law enforcement. That decision is left to the victim. She also said a student advisory board is being put together regarding Title IX matters.

After these speakers, the senators and student cabinet were divided into four groups to complete training on various SGA related tasks and activities, such as litigation writing, the allocation process and proper parliamentary procedure.

After the groups rotated through each of four stations, new appointments were announced and voted on, including attorney general, chancellor of student tribunal, justices of student tribunal, justices of student review board and the deputy attorney genial of residence life.

Editor’s Note: This story was updated at 6:09 p.m., Sept. 5 to clarify Title IX procedures.

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