Riley County Police New Reporting Method


The same day as their website celebrates its one year anniversary, the Riley County Police Department has decided to add online reporting to their online movement. According to, citizens can now report from their mobile device or computer. The purpose of this is to make reporting easier and more efficient for citizens in the area, as it only requires an internet connection and a working e-mail address.

The online reporting can only cover certain crimes that are not considered emergencies. According to the website, the suspects in the situation must also be unknown. Some potential online reportable crimes may include certain types of harassment, theft, or damage. A full list of the potential crimes that can be reported online is on the Riley County Police Department website. To help this announcement get out, the Riley County Police Department made a video on Youtube. The star of this video is Officer Mat Droge, the Twitter cop. Towards the end of the video, Officer Droge gets the RCPD website birthday cake thrown into his face.

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