iPhone 6 rumor roundup.


Apple will introduce the highly anticipated and much hyped version of the new iPhone on Sept. 9. In a Sept. 2 article, Forbes cited research conducted by ComScore, a media research company which concluded that a large amount of people are planning on upgrading to the iPhone 6. Here are six of the biggest things you can expect from the Apple event on Tuesday.

Bigger screen

The biggest rumor surrounding the launch is a larger iPhone. This rumor can be traced back to a January 2014 article by the Wall Street Journal that reported larger screens for the new phone. Expect to see both the regular 4.7 inch iPhone screen and a second, larger 5.5 inch screen that Apple will use to finally enter the phone-tablet hybrid market.


Apple is usually predictable with names. Expect the new phone to be no different and to be called the iPhone 6. The only thing that could be different is the name of the larger device which, according to Mashable is allegedly being called the iPhone 6L.


Leaked photos of the new iPhone reveal the design to have elements of both the old and new iPhones. The new design will allegedly bring back the rounded edges of the early versions of the phone but will retain the lines at the top and bottom of the case. CNET also reported in July that the new iPhone will be slimmer than the current 5s model.

Sapphire Glass

Rumors of the new Sapphire Glass display have been circulating for a while now. Having a stronger, scratch-resistant screen would be nice but according to an article published on Sept. 2 by CNET, Apple will opt to only test the new material on the higher-end iPhones this year. CNET reported that producing and cutting down the iPhone is an expensive process which will be a challenge when it comes to producing them on a mass level. CNET reported that the Sapphire Glass will be a feature in the 64 and (possibly) 128 GB model but the lower end phones will still use the Gorilla glass used by the current iPhones.

More memory

With phones being used more as portable business and entertainment stations, some might feel the 64 GB memory is extremely limited. CNET reported on Sept. 4, that the new iPhone will be offered with a 128 GB option. Most Android phones have been able to offer memory card slots that could be used to extend the memory but, so far, Apple has lagged in the process.


With the added feature of a larger phone, there will be an additional tier to the existing price structure of the phone according to Gizmodo. It was also reported that the price of the bigger 5.5 inch model could cost up to $300 on contract, while the regular 4.7 inch model would cost up to $200.

Bonus: iWatch

Apple has not yet come out and mentioned that it will enter the increasingly popular world of wearables, but all signs point to its likelihood. The new features announced in the iOS 8 update focus heavily on interactivity and monitoring health through wearable technology. According to the Verge, the iWatch will not be available until next year but an announcement in September could be something to look forward to.