Lindsey Stirling to perform in Bosco Plaza


Dubstep violinist, Lindsey Stirling, is scheduled to perform at Bosco Student Plaza Saturday. The free concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. and will open with local band Vineyard. The concert is organized by the Union Program Council and supported by the Campus Entertainment Fund.

“Since we had the budget, we wanted to throw a free concert for (K-State) students,” Russell Harp, co-chair of UPC, said.

Dubstep is a new form of electronic dance music that features less emphasis on vocals than many other genres, according to About Entertainment. The bass line is heavy and varies in speed. Also, the percussion is spaced and syncopated for the listener to form their own beat.

This is the first year for the Campus Entertainment Fund, supported by the Privilege Fee to support non-instructional student activities, to have its own committee. The UPC is in charge of planning events such as Lindsey Stirling, as well as comedians, artists and lecturers.

Last semester, the UPC gave students a survey asking what artists they would like to see this school year. Lindsey Stirling was one of the top five picks, along with people like Dierks Bentley, Harp said. Stirling happened to be preparing for a European tour and was taking a break to perform in Kansas City. The UPC caught her just in time to set up a performance at K-State. Since the contract was short notice, the UPC has been pushing hard on advertising.

Elaine Marie, freshman in wildlife biology, said she is very excited to see Stirling on Saturday.

“(Stirling) inspires me to play the violin,” Marie said.

Marie said she has played the violin for nine years, originally inspired by Celtic Women. After Stirling’s debute on America’s Got Talent, Marie found her true inspiration.

“I want to play the Wubs on the violin (like Stirling),” Marie said.

With Stirling’s birthday on Sunday, Marie said she wants to give her a present from Tanganyika Wildlife Park and also ask if the star could sign her violin. Marie said she is not sure if this will happen, but said she’s extremely pumped up for the concert.

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