Fate of Snyder’s student section rests on professor’s shoulders

Emily DeShazer | The Collegian

If K-State’s football team wins against Auburn Thursday night, it would catch the eyes of college football fans and commentators around the country. The game is against the best opponent K-State has played so far this season and the highest nonconference opponent since 1969.

However, no matter how big the game is, it appears that many professors have followed the university’s advice and are not canceling class.

“Most classes are staying the same, except for (Introduction to Agricultural Communications),” Topanga McBride, freshman in agricultural communications and journalism, said. “So they’re putting education first, even though it will make for a groggy Friday.”

John Devore, professor in electrical and computer engineering, said he teaches a lab class on Thursday at from 2:30-5:30 p.m. He said he’ll still be holding class, but because it is a lab, students will have the option to leave if they complete the work early.

“Anybody can leave as soon as they get the work done,” Devore said. “So if they work on it ahead of time, they could probably easily be out of there by 4 p.m.”

Devore said he was not aware of any professors who are canceling class for the game. Aside from fans possibly storming the field if K-State were to win, Devore said he does not anticipate any next-day attendance issues.

“Generally speaking, it hasn’t been my experience that the students go party so much that they can’t come to class the next day, at least in our department,” Devore said.

Brandon Reid, junior in construction science, said he plans on going to all of his classes Thursday, and Friday will be business as usual for him.

“The throw down for Thursday will be very serious, but I still got work to do on Friday,” Reid said. “Still got stuff to do on the following Monday. So it’s just one of those things where, like a Fake Patty’s Day, you party hard, yet go to class.”

Darin Feist, sophomore in construction science and management, said he heard of professors adding incentives to attend class Thursday.

“I haven’t heard of anyone canceling (classes), but I’ve heard that people are making class for extra credit that day,” Feist said.

However, there are students who have multiple classes canceled for the game.

“I don’t have season tickets, so I’m not going to the game,” Emily Velisek, junior in agricultural communications and journalism, said. “I’ve had three classes canceled, though.”

Jason Ellis, associate professor of communication and agricultural education, said he thought attendance would suffer because of the game.

“I gauged the potential attendance of my Thursday afternoon class, and decided to cancel it,” Ellis said. “I don’t have any Friday classes.”

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