Bar clientele in Aggieville

A group of people stand near the bar at Tubby's Sports Bar in Aggieville on Sept. 17. Tubby's attracts a diverse group of people, as it has both a traditional bar area and a dance floor. (George Walker | The Collegain)

From pubs to lounges to clubs, there are bars for patrons of all kinds in Aggieville.

The bartenders and servers of Kathouse Lounge, Tubby’s Sports Bar and Johnny Kaw’s understand the audience they serve and strive to keep their customers entertained with their own flair.

Andrea Wells, freshman in in business management and shot girl at Johnny Kaw’s, describes working in the sports bar as, “kinda like working at a party.” With newer and popular music and a lot of dancing, she said it can be more like a high energy club than a college bar at times.

“We’re a really care-free bar,” Wells said.

Since Wells began working at Johnny Kaw’s in May, she noticed that the clientele tend to be a younger, newly 21-year-olds that keep the bar more lively.

Tubby’s Sports Bar, in contrast, has a diverse clientele according to general manager Blase Martin.

“It’s just a full on rager Friday and Saturday nights,” Martin, senior in geography, said.

Courtney Alexander, Tubby’s waitress manager and junior in marketing, said she believes that the bar appeals to every type of person. With party themes and date parties, the bar attracts many college students and community members alike.

Martin said that the crowd on Friday and Saturday nights tend to be more college students and military personnel from Fort Riley. On Sundays, however, the sports fans come out.

For NFL games, the clientele tends to be predominately male, while K-State games draws in business from families, alumni, K-State faculty and more. Groups of fans pull tables together and the get enthusiastic cheering for their favorite Wildcats. Some will even get up on the bar top to lead everyone in a chant.

Another unique establishment comes in the form of Kathouse Lounge. Hannah Jones, bartender and senior in economics, described Kathouse as a high-class, high-energy lounge. The atmosphere is considered sophisticated, but generally has the same specials as other bars.

According to Jones, the diverse crowd it attracts include many of the international students from K-State. Jones attributes two things to drawing in and keeping their clientele: the clean bar and the familiar faces behind it.

“None of (the other bars) have that swanky feel,” Jones said.

Also, many of the bartenders have worked in Kathouse for a while. Many of the regulars know them by name, and Jones said she believes that is important at a bar.

“Whenever you go out to have a good time, you want to see familiar faces,” Jones said.