You know you’re a K-State architecture student when…

Kaylee McIlvaine, freshman in environmental design, cuts foamboard for a simple space model in Seaton Hall on Oct. 6, 2014. (George Walker | The Collegian)

1. You are convinced that the majority of the Cat’s Den’s business happens between 9:50-10 p.m.

2. People assume you are really good at math and drawing, but you may not be good at either.

3. Rooms are called, “spaces,” and bushes are called, “shrubs.”

4. You roll your eyes when other students whine about their homework and how late they stayed awake because nothing compares to the amount of work you have to do and the lack of sleep you’ve gotten.

5. Your mood directly relates to the plotter’s ability to work and whether or not you got a parking spot in the Seaton alley.

6. You know way too much about your studio mates, from what really ticks them off to their sleeping patterns (if they have any).

7. You still don’t know you’re way around over half of campus because your life revolves around your apartment, Seaton Hall and the K-State Student Union.

8. Midnight means there is still plenty of time to finish whatever is due tomorrow.

9. People assume you have no social life, but in reality, you’re forced to be social all the time because all of your friends are in studio.

10. While you are reading this you are thinking about how you should really start your portfolio.

Lindsey Leardi is a graduate student in architecture.