Staying calm, being prepared are keys to success with recruiters

When meeting recruiters at career fairs remember to stay calm and relaxed. It also helps to have researched the company beforehand so you know what they value and can tailor your resume to what's important to them. (Collegian file photo)

Finding a job post-graduation can be a pretty daunting task. It’s hard to know how to make yourself marketable to employers when you have no idea what they’re looking for in an employee. Lucky for K-State students, we have Career and Employment Services in Holtz Hall to help us out.

When looking for a job, especially at career fairs and networking events, students are likely to encounter recruiters. These people are looking for the “right” employee that will fit well into a communal office space and can bring new skills to their company.

They may seem intimidating, but just know that recruiters are people, too. While it’s understandable to be nervous, don’t let it overpower your interview. Just relax, have some fun and don’t forget the following tips:

Stay calm and collected

Before talking to a recruiter, take some deep breaths and calm your nerves.

“The most important thing I tell myself before an interview is to just breathe,” Samantha Khatri, senior in dietetics, said. “When I relax and be myself, I always have the best results.”

Perfect your resume

“When it comes to resumes, make sure your information is relevant to your reader and how you will be an asset to that employer,” Kerri Keller, executive director of CES, said.

It would be wise to make a resume customized to each job you apply for. According to Brittain Kovac, entrepreneur and owner of FunPlanet.Travel in Kansas City, Missouri, if you know that there are certain skills you have that would be beneficial to that employer specifically, focus on those with your resume.

Recruiters are really seeking talent and different skills that will benefit their company, Keller said. Some important skills for today’s job force are communication, flexibility, initiative, teamwork and much more. It never hurts to do a little research on the company before meeting a recruiter to really see what their company values, so you can tailor your resume to reflect those values.

“Seek out internship opportunities,” Keller said. “They will help you gain marketable experience, test out career options, expand your professional network and develop confidence that will make the transition to the ‘real’ world more like a short hop than a giant leap.”

If you’re still unsure how to appear marketable to recruiters, stop by Holtz Hall and CES can give you even more advice. Good luck and happy job hunting.