10 ways to know you’re in the College of Agriculture

A bronco rider from Fort Scott Community College, still holding on to the reins, flips from his saddle during the saddle bronco riding competition at the first day of the annual K-State Rodeo on Feb. 22, 2013 at Weber Arena. (Parker Robb | The Collegian)

1. You own a pair of cowboy boots.

2. You went to class smelling like manure aka the smell of money.

3. You own at least one article of camo colored clothing.

4. You had to explain to someone outside of the College of Agriculture why cow tipping is impractical.

5. You will spend a large portion of your collegiate career in Umberger, Waters, Weber, Throckmorton, Shellenberger or Call Hall.

6. Your week is not complete unless you receive an email from Don Boggs, Christine Wilson or Sharon Thielen.

7. You know that there are other types of jerky besides beef.

8. Your classmates will criticize you if you don’t like country music. Example: “How dare you don’t like Jason Aldean? (In a southern accent) Bless your heart!”

9. You know that the student body president, Reagan Kays, is one of us … but it’s not like we’re keeping track of how many student body presidents are College of Agriculture students. Okay, we are: seven of the last 10 student body presidents have been College of Agriculture students.

10. Every semester, at least one professor suggests that you should join the agriculture club that they are the adviser for.