Q-and-A with O’Colly sports editor Kieran Steckley


Q: Youth was the story for this team heading into 2014-15, but an impressive showing against Florida State changed perspective rather quickly. Where is this team compared to what was witnessed in Dallas?

A: The simple answer is back down to Earth. I didn’t think Oklahoma State would come remotely close to beating Florida State, but it did. That game raised a lot of expectations. In many fans’ eyes, caution turned to hype. This team went from mediocre Big 12 team to conference contender instantly. But we have seen in recent weeks that this team is just not ready to compete at the top of the conference. The Cowboys are too young and too inexperienced at key positions. It is talented enough to make a bowl game, but it won’t be easy with the schedule coming up (at K-State, versus Texas, at Baylor and at Oklahoma).

Q: Have you ever seen someone as fast and as explosive as
Tyreek Hill? What do you know about his journey to Stillwater, Oklahoma and when did you
first get to see him in action?

A: There is no one in college football as fast and explosive as Tyreek Hill. He can hit the corner and get around the edge better than anyone I have ever seen. He is a junior college transfer from Garden City Community College. He has always been more of a track athlete than a football player and it seems this season he has taken a big step in learning proper techniques and becoming more of a football player, as opposed to a track athlete in pads.

Q: QB injuries are obviously a significant blow and it’s true for Mike Gundy and his staff. What’s the outlook for J.W. Walsh and what has been the biggest surprise with how Daxx Garman has adjusted to the starting job?

Walsh is likely out for the season with a leg injury (anything more specific than that would be speculation because Gundy doesn’t discuss injuries). Now, Walsh has been ruled out for the season before and come back (2012), so I wouldn’t rule anything out.

As far as Garman goes, I don’t know if surprise is the right word, but we had heard stories about how good his arm is, but had never seen it. Well, he finally put it on display this season and it’s a cannon. He throws the deep ball better than any other throw on the route tree. What’s surprising is that he has not shown the ability to throw the intermediate and short balls with consistency.

Q: Oklahoma State wins on Saturday if _______ ?

The offensive line opens lanes for Hill and protects Garman better than it has all year. Also, the defense will have to force a few turnovers, possibly return one for a touchdown.

Q: Score prediction?

K-State 31, Oklahoma State 13