Education a focal point for student orgs


In the midst of a tight governors election the issue of education is a large talking point for both parties.

Regardless of where individual party allegiances may lie, K-State’s student body faces the issue of education every day, as a state funded organization the university must pay close attention to the spending on education.

Current Republican Gov. Sam Brownback and Jeff Colyer face off against Paul Davis and Jill Docking in an election that could really shift power in Kansas, currently the state is under the control of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

According to an article in the Kansas City Star, a recent survey shows Paul Davis nearing in on 50 percent of the favor in the poll. According to the Monmouth University Poll Brownback trails with only 45 percent of the poll. The Monmouth Poll also cites that 5 percent were still undecided.

Multiple moderate-Republicans are actually showing their support for the democrat Paul Davis. A press release by the Davis- Docking campaign states:

“In July, Republicans for Kansas Values made an unprecedented endorsement of Davis and Docking. At that announcement, one hundred and three current and former elected Republican leaders announced their endorsement. The number of Republicans endorsing the Davis- Docking campaign has grown dramatically in just three months,” according to their website.

The Davis- Docking Campaign is not the only one receiving support from across party lines, according to a press release by the Brownback- Colyer campaign the Wyandotte County Democrats have endorsed Brownback in his re-election efforts.

Although upon further investigation only a handful of people with in this group have vocalized their support for Brownback.

K-State is home to numerous organizations among those are the young republicans and young democrats.

While both do their part in endorsing their respective candidates these student organizations both understand the need for emphasis on funding for education.

“We are college aged adults with a firsthand look into the life of a student it’s important we pay attention to this issue, with the continually high cost of tuition we need to elect someone who can make higher education affordable,” said Nick Strecker, President of the Young Republicans and Junior in pre-law political science.

The young Republicans endorse Sam Brownback according to Strecker.

“From what I’ve noticed he really cares about the students and education. I think he seems really focused on education, when he came to visit K-State I felt like he really made an effort to reach out and connect with the students,” Strecker said.

Strecker also said Brownback cannot be to blame for everything currently wrong in Kansas.

“From what I understand many cuts were already in motion during prior governor’s terms. Pointing fingers at an incumbent will not do anyone any good, addressing the issues will,” Strecker said.

The young Democrats also see the value in keeping an eye on education spending, according to Michael Shoemaker, President of the young Democrats and senior in sociology.

“Across the state various programs are being cut due to a lack of funding, arts and music programs have really suffered to the lack of available income, teachers are seeing lower wages and the schools have to do more independent fundraising to sustain these programs,” Shoemaker said.

Shoemaker said the KSU young Democrats support Paul Davis. He also said neither Brownback nor Davis could do much to change the federal student loan rates.

“That is a federal issue, the governor cannot control that, however providing proper funding to our education can allow universities and schools to lower costs and lessen the need for as many loan dollars,” said Theo Stavropehlos, KSU alumni in Political science and Human Resource Management.