Local service inspections


Sparrow Specialty Coffee
219 S. Fourth St.
Date of inspection: Oct. 27
Reason for inspection: Licensing

3-501.18(A)(2) In cooler on bottom shelf, an opened gallon of milk without date-marking. Corrected on site, person in charge said that milk had been opened on Oct. 24 and correctly marked milk.

Educational materials provided.

La Hacienda Grocery Store Taqueria
3003 Anderson Ave., Suite 945
Date of inspection: Oct. 29
Reason for inspection: Licensing
Results: Follow-up

2-301.14(I) Employee handled personal cell phone to answer a call, then handled clean food pans and utensils without washing hands. Corrected on site, educated employee and employee washed hands. Pans and utensils moved to the three compartment sink for ware-washing.

6-301.11 There was no hand soap at the north hand sink in the kitchen. Corrected on site, hand soap supplied.

6-301.12 There were no paper towels at the north hand sink. Corrected on site, paper towels supplied.

3-201.11(A) In the retail bakery case, there are 14 sweet rolls that are from an unapproved source. The food establishment receives the sweet rolls from a bakery in Wichita, Kansas that doesn’t have a food processing license. Corrected on site, employee voluntarily discarded the sweet rolls.

3-302.11(A)(1)(b) In the walk-in cooler, raw beef was stored above ready to eat flan. Corrected on site, flan was moved to the ready to eat food section.

3-302.11(A)(2) In the three compartment sink, one bag of raw chicken was stored on top of a bag of raw beef tripe. The chicken and beef tripe were in the three compartment sink for thawing purposes. Corrected on site, moved chicken away from the raw beef tripe.

4-601.11(A) In the kitchen, a can opener was stored as clean with dried food debris on the blade. Employee said it was last used two days ago. Corrected on site, employee moved the can opener to the three compartment sink for ware-washing.

3-501.18(A)(1) On the make table, cooked on-site beef tripe dated Oct. 21. In the walk-in cooler, cooked on-site ground beef with carrots and onions dated Oct. 16-24 and cooked on-site shredded beef dated Oct. 21-28. Shredded beef, ground beef and beef tripe held more than seven days. Corrected on site, food items voluntarily discarded.

3-501.18(A)(2) On the make table, no date marking on an opened package of hot dogs and ham. Employee said the hot dogs were opened on Oct. 23 and the ham opened on Oct. 27. In the walk-in cooler, no date marking on cooked on-site Pastor (diced pork). Employee said it was cooked on Oct. 24. In the reach-in cooler, no date marking on cooked corn. Employee said it was opened from a can on Oct. 27. Corrected on site, hot dogs, pork, corn ham dated.

3-501.18(A)(3) In the walk-in cooler, made on-site cheese sauce dated Oct. 24-31; cooked on-site Tinga (shredded chicken) dated Oct. 24-Nov. 2. Cooked on-site Pastor (diced pork) dated Oct. 27-Nov. 4. These food items were dated eight or more days. Corrected on site, items correctly dated.

7-102.11 In the mop sink room, no common name on a bottle that holds a blue liquid. Employee said the liquid was Windex. In the kitchen in front of the north hand sink, no common name on bucket that holds a clear liquid. Employee said it was water and bleach. Corrected on-site, bucket and bottle labeled with common name.

3-501.13(B) In the kitchen, there was packages of raw beef tripe and raw chicken thawing in the three compartment sink with no temperature control. Employee said the food items were placed into the three compartment sink for thawing overnight. Corrected on-site, chicken voluntarily discarded and beef tripe moved to the walk-in cooler.

4-204.112(B) No thermometer in the reach-in cooler and make table.

4-302.12(A) No probe thermometer available to take food temperatures. Corrected on-site, thermometer supplied by inspector.

In the retail grocery area, no common name listed on hard candy (pumpkin) that is packaged on-site.

3-602.11(B)(2) In the retail grocery area, no ingredients listed on hard candy (pumpkin) that is packaged on-site.

3-602.11(B)(3) In the retail grocery area, no net weight listed on hard candy (pumpkin) that is packaged on-site.

3-602.11(B)(4) In the retail grocery area, no business information listed on hard candy (pumpkin) that is packaged on-site.

6-202.15(A)(3) Approximately a one-fourth inch gap on the bottom side of the east exterior door.

3-304.12(B) In the storage area of the kitchen, there was a scoop with no handle stored down in the container of sugar. Corrected on-site, scoop with no handle removed.

4-903.12(A) Packaged single use cups and food containers are stored in the additional restroom.

4-101.11 In the walk in cooler, there was ready to eat bread stored in a non-food grade (Sterilite) container. In the food storage area of the kitchen, there was ready to eat corn tostadas and oregano stored in non-food grade (Sterilite) containers. Corrected on-site, food items were placed into food grade bags.

5-205.15(B) The north hand sink is leaking water around the knobs and onto the floor when the water is turned on. The south hand sink hot water was shut off due to a leak around the drain pipe.

6-202.11(A) There is no protective shield on the light in the walk-in cooler.

K.A.R. 28-21-203(c)(1) Located on the retail shelf, six boxes of Rosel-T not labeled in English. The employee said it is a medicine for fever and nasal problems. Corrected on-site, voluntarily destroyed.

K.S.A. 65-689(a) Food establishment operating without a current license since February 2014. There was a change of ownership, partnership to LLC.

Educational materials provided.