Four must-try apps to stay fit in the cold


With Halloween comes candy; with Thanksgiving comes turkey; and Christmas, well, that’s a whole other story.

This time of year leads to a lot of overindulging, but students need not be worried. The digital age is upon us, and although working out itself will never be easy, accessing the right workouts and diet plans is as easy as pulling out your cellphone and checking out the app store.

Daily Workouts

This app sounds pretty self-explanatory, and it is – that’s what makes it so great. Daily Workouts has many different kinds of exercises you can do at home. So instead researching different back, core or butt workouts separately, simply download Daily Workouts and select the part of your body you wish to focus on, as well as the time length you wish to do the exercise for.

Have some time? Do the 10-minute workout. Have a break between classes? Do the five-minute workout. The best part is of Daily Workouts is that it’s free.

Available on: Apple, Android, Windows and Amazon

Fitness Buddy

Everyone, at some point in their lives, has made a pact to go workout with a friend. More often than not, those plans fall through.

The solution? A fitness partner that fits right into your phone. While not all features of this app are free, the free exercise tabs have everything from core to cardio, with many different exercises to work through. A monthly price of $4.99 gets you the app’s premium version, which includes HD video, workout summaries, motivational audio and advice on healthy living.

Available on: Android and Apple

Map My Run

During days with perfect weather, it’s hard to be confined to the gym. At times like that running outside is exactly what you need.

Map My Run is the perfect way to track your pace, distance and calories. It’s a great app for those trying to lower their mile time or tracking a running route. You can add music that is already in your music library to play while you run, too. This way, runners never have to leave the app to change music while working out.

There are many other features this app provides for runners that are definitely worth checking out, including a built-in GPS and the ability to view your workout history.

Available for: Apple, Android and Blackberry

Lose It!

Making healthy choices has always been difficult. Grocery shopping doesn’t make it any easier; with confusing labels and even more confusing marketing tricks, it’s easy to make consumers think the food they are buying is healthy (when in reality, it’s not).

The app Lose It! makes this process simple and easy. It requests all your basic information, from your weight to your gender, before allowing you to search and record the foods you eat daily. It even recognizes Jimmy John’s.

When you set a weight loss per week goal, Lose It! shows “today’s nutrients,” which indicates the amount of fats, carbs and other nutrients you’ve consumed that day.

I would seriously recommend Lose It! for anyone really wanting to manage their food intake and weight.

Available for: Android, iOS, Nook, Kindle and the Web.