Top 5 drunk foods in Manhattan


Following a night of drinking, food always sounds like a great option. Whether it’s a greasy pizza or enough Chinese food to last you for days, no night out is complete without a trip to get something to soak up all that alcohol. Here are some of the go-to places in Manhattan to fill up on food before you pass out:

5. Taco Bell

Everyone knows that tacos are the go-to drunk food. Taco Bell is fast, cheap and you get a lot of food. Plus, there are multiple options for your drunk self. Nachos, Crunch Wrap Supremes, cinnamon twists – and let’s not forget that thing called a Waffle Taco that they have to cure your hangover in the morning. Heaven. On. Earth.

Manhattan’s two Taco Bell locations (1009 Limey Point on the east side and 1155 Westport Drive on the west side) are just a short drive away. So make sure you remember to make your designated driver stop through before you head home for the night.

4. Jimmy John’s Sandwiches

There’s nothing quite like a Jimmy John’s sandwich to satisfy your craving at the end of the night. Not only does an old-fashion sandwich cure any late-night craving, it also could be considered the healthy option – or healthier at least. JJ’s has anything you could want from a sandwich shop, from a classic Italian to turkey. Any sandwich on the menu is going to be better than a greasy piece of pizza.

The best part about this is that though Jimmy John’s guarantees a fast delivery, it’s located is right in the middle of Aggieville – a short walk from any bar.

3. Hunam Express

Located in Aggieville, Hunam Express is the prime choice for Chinese food after a late night out. Not only is it cheap and can be delivered, you get a ton of food for the price. Your order can serve at least two people if not more. This is great when you and your drinking buddy don’t want to spend a lot of money on food.

Plus, you can mix and match your favorite sides with favorite main dishes. The possibilities are endless.

2. Pizza Shuttle

Besides pizza being one of the greatest (drunk) foods of all time, the grease, cheese and bread really help soak up any amount of alcohol that may be in your system. Pizza Shuttle is widely known for being extremely greasy and extremely delicious. It is so worth the delivery wait, especially if you get its bacon and cream cheese pizza. Talk about delicious.

Just make sure you do the obligatory Pizza Shuttle drop before taking your first slice.

1. Varsity Truck

For anyone in Manhattan, it’s no surprise that Varsity Truck’s is the number one choice for drunk food. Varsity Donuts is known for its donuts during the day but at night, it transforms into the best late-night food truck.

Located in the back alley of its main store in Aggieville, the Varsity Truck is a piece of heaven. They serve anything from corn dogs to a mixed assortment of donuts, but the holy grail of drunken food is the grilled cheese mac and cheese. It’s 100 percent worth the wait in the truck’s notoriously long line. For those looking for a little something extra, try the sandwich with bacon or sriracha sauce. Once you take your first bite, the sandwich will have you saying, “Where has this been all my life?!”

Kristin Nycklemoe is a sophomore in apparel and textiles.