Privilege fees and new policies discussed at SGA


In the opening period during the Student Governing Association meeting Thursday evening, Tim Lindemuth, chairman of Student Publications and former SGA adviser, said he did not believe the committee was given a proper understanding of Collegian Media Group’s need for funds.

“(The Collegian Media Group) last received an increase from (the Privilege Fee Committee) about eight or nine years ago, ” Lindemuth said. “To go another three years without an increase will be difficult for us. We use those funds to produce the Collegian, the yearbook … our printing costs, our mailing costs, salaries continue to rise.”

Lindemuth also said he realizes that funds are tight, but that the media group is a large student employer of more than just journalism majors.

“This is the independent voice of the student body … to go nine years without an increase will truly burden student publications,” Lindemuth said.

Sen. Garrett Kays, junior in agricultural economics, presented on behalf of the Privilege Fee Committee the bill for the continuance of the Collegian Media Group fee.

After a few corrections, the bill was referred back to the committee and will be discussed again at the next meeting.

Vice President Cody Kennedy, senior in education, presented a resolution to the recommendation of the Lifeline 911 Policy to be implemented at K-State.

“The Lifeline 911 policy allows students to seek immediate medical assistance for an alcohol related emergency on behalf of themselves or another person without being sanctioned for violation of any university related policy,” Vice President Kennedy read from the resolution. “The policy allows students to make healthy decisions by seeking medical help without the fear of punishment.”

The rest of the policy said that students must meet certain requirements including making initial contact with law enforcement, emergency medical services to show their seeking out medical services. After the conditions are met, the victim, the caller and anyone closely related to the incident will receive immunity from K-State disciplinary processes and sanctions.

Further conditions regarding the number of incidents require students to have mandatory conversations with the Office of Student Life or Housing and Dining Services. Sen. Sarah Haley, recently elected Elections Commissioner and senior in psychology, asked whether after the third incident,” will students be sent to the Student Review Board or will (the) Student Review be involved at all?”

Vice President Kennedy said send that while the intent is not to avoid the use of the Student Review Board, it will ultimately be up to Student Life at the third incident if the Review Board is a necessary course of action.

Discussions on the Lifeline 911 policy continued with many questions from senators. President Kays reminded the Senate that the purpose of this policy is to encourage students to call when there is a need for medical attention.

“So from this piece of legislation, I know that this is going to be university policy, so if medical assistance were to arrive on the scene and they see the person who had phoned … that student would still be subject to (legal consequences), but they wouldn’t necessarily be thrown out of the residence halls?” Sen. Ellie Dickens, senior in anthropology, asked.

Vice President Kennedy confirmed Sen. Dickens’ question. Students who call on behalf of others in need of medical attention would be granted immunity but they could still be subject to legal repercussions if they are underage drinkers.

The resolution was referred back to the committee and will be discussed at the next meeting.

President Kays presented the resolution concerning referendums required for debt service on academic and health buildings on university campuses.

“We saw this on the Kansas Board of Regents’ agenda for the October meeting and we decided that we would bring it up in discussion,” President Kays said. “What it pretty much means and we read it to mean, is that when using student fee dollars … to pay off a bond used to build a building, then there should be a student referendum held … before the Board of Regents moves forward in the building of a building.”

The resolution was sent back to the committee to be discussed at next week’s meeting.

The Senate approved funds for the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society and National Art Education Association with unanimous votes.

Next week’s meeting will be held in the Alumni Center for the Pizza and Politics event at 7 p.m.

Karyn Elliott
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