Letter to the editor: Death with dignity


First, I would like to say “thank you” for the article on Death with Dignity. I am a sophomore at Manhattan Christian College, also a retired disabled U.S. Army veteran. When Brittany Maynard’s story started going viral, I commented on the CNN article posted on Facebook from someone else. I am not against those who decide to end their life if they are suffering, which is very hard to imagine for those healthy people as you mentioned in the article. I am not one of those who directly whip out the Bible and quote scriptures and say that it DWDA is against God’s will. However, the Bible is used out-of-context quite often in Brittany Maynard’s case. There is more acceptance in our society in today’s issues relating to DWDA, than 20 years ago.

I am writing a argumentative essay as the final for my writing and composition class on DWDA. I decided the topic before I read your article, since Maynard’s decision has stirred up quite a conversation.

In my opinion, I think that no one really knows what is on the other side of death, until we get there. Who are we to judge when God is the one that will judge us, according to our works here on Earth? I guess when that time comes, then we can look back on life here and it will finally make sense.