Letter to the editor: Bringing oppression to light


Not only does our country, state and city deal with oppression, but our college campus does too. I commend The Collegian for putting the article about the event, Tunnels of Oppression, on the first page of the Nov. 13 issue. I also commend all the attendants who participated in the event.

While a student at Kansas State University, I am taking a “Gender Issues in the Media” class. A goal of the class is to be aware of how mass media has marginalized non-majority populations. This includes people who are discriminated against for multiple reasons, whether it is gender, sexual preference, etc. The class also teaches students to be more observant, critical and engaged media consumers.

As an engaged consumer, the article about the Tunnels of Oppression creates conversations about how to address issues. It also created awareness to K-State about the topic of oppression. As a student, I am proud of my university for treating oppression as an issue and addressing it.

Mallory Patten

Senior in mass communications