Go utilitarian over fun for graduation gifts

With December being less than two weeks away and the time for another graudation ceremony, finding a gift for a graduting senior does not have to be too difficult. Simple things to gift could include kitchen utensils, gift cards, and even money. (Cassandra Nguyen | The Collegian)

With December nearly two weeks away, the one thing on almost everyone’s mind is the holiday season. We’ve made your list, we’ve checked it twice and now it’s time to venture out and brace ourselves for the frenzy of holiday shopping.

With so many K-State students graduating this December, giving them a gift that celebrates graduation and preparing them for their life ahead is important. Priorities change between our freshmen and senior year of college, and gifts become more about what you need rather than those $200 pair of headphones or shoes you think you want.

“I think as I’m transitioning into the next phase of my life, I want more things that are practical and that I can actually use like silverware, but of course, money and gift cards are always appreciated,” Libby Steinbock, senior in elementary education, said.

Though money is probably the most useful thing for seniors this holiday season, there are other gifts that K-State seniors would be grateful for getting this year.

“Money would probably be the most useful, but since I’ll be getting my own place after graduation I’m asking for more useful stuff like kitchen utensils,” Aubrey Knox, senior in psychology, said.

Gifts ideas that represent K-State pride can be purchased through the K-State Alumni Center. Megan Jurgensmeier, director of marketing and membership for the K-State Alumni Association, said class rings and diploma frames are by far the most popular gifts for graduates.

“The K-State Alumni Association offers a variety of gifts that families or friends of graduating seniors can purchase,” Jurgensmeier said. “Many times class rings, diploma frames, K-State Alumni Association memberships or any of our other K-State merchandise will be purchased as graduation gifts for graduates.”

Another essential gift idea for seniors is professional clothing for their work lives. Though style may differ between an elementary education major and an engineering major, it is important to start slowly building up your wardrobe with quality pieces now regardless.

Kerri Keller, director of Career and Employment Services, said it was important to ask for work clothes rather than opting for some that would be more fun.

“Moving from backpack to briefcase is a major life transition,” Keller said. “A professional wardrobe will help you make a first impression on the job that matches your capabilities, and a purple tie or scarf will let you continue to show your K-State pride.”

When it comes to gifts for graduating students, the most useful gift is one that can help prepare them for their lives ahead and help showcase their achievements.