You know you’re a K-State fashion major


You know you’re a fashion major when …

1. People give you strange looks when you tell them your major, especially since you go to school in Kansas.

2. You have the same classes with the same people every semester, so you know their names … even if they don’t know yours.

3. You take for granted the luxuries of Justin Hall.

4. You are quickly reminded of how nice Justin Hall is, though, when you have classes in another building.

5. After you tell people your major, they say they could tell because you look so great or fashionable.

6. All your friends go to you for fashion advice.

7. All your friends want to borrow your clothes.

8. Other people don’t understand your excitement for Fashion Week.

9. Dressing up, for most people, is your everyday attire.

10. Having a love/hate relationship with your major every day of your life.

Liz Holsworth is a junior in apparel and textiles.