Gift ideas for the farmers in your life

Possible gifts such as a nice button up shirt, jacket, boots, or tools. (Photo Illustration by Vail Moshiri | The Collegian)

During the holiday season, farmers can be especially difficult to shop for. Here are some things you could get your favorite farmer that they would be thrilled about:

Shirts and jackets

When the weather is hot and the sun is beaming down during the summertime, it’s easy to get overheated. Button-down shirts help protect your skin from the sun and help to keep you cool, enabling your skin to breathe. Find a light-weight material and light colors – dark colors attract the sun. Button-downs are a necessity when farmers are outside in the summer heat.

Similarly, a nice jacket is great for the winter. Refrain from jackets that are too bulky and make it hard to move. Carhartt is a farmer’s favorite brand, for their jackets are thin, but are extremely warm. After all, the work does not stop when the temperatures drop.

Tractor Supply offers many button-downs for men and women beginning at $20. Carhartt offers many styles of jackets. Most start at $100 and get more expensive based on thickness. The jackets are built to last a long time, even in harsh weather.

Boots and boot dryer

A good pair of boots is a requirement for any farmer. It is extremely dangerous to wear tennis shoes while working. Red Wing and Muck Boots are brand favorites while working outside. They keep the feet protected and dry for any task.

A boot dryer is also a great idea for the winter, try Titan Outlet Store. When there is snow on the ground and temperatures are low, it is nice to put on a dry, warm pair of boots to begin a long day of work.

Muck Boots start at around $200 and go up based on height, insulations and material. Boot dryers can range from $40 to $100, depending on the brand, size, settings, etc. Dicks Sporting Goods offers a generic boot dryer for $40. However, Cabela’s offers a boot dyer that can hold four boots for $100.


Whether it is a tool kit or a Sears gift card, farmers can always use a new set of tools. It is common for a piece of equipment to break, so farmers need a good set of tools to get something up and running again. In addition, farmers are notorious for creating new objects to get a task accomplished. Tools can range from screwdrivers and wrenches to drills and electric saws.

Sears offers a Craftsman 309-piece mechanics toolset for $185. Home Depot offers a DEWALT combo kit for $500, which includes a premium hammer drill, an impact driver, a circular saw, a reciprocating saw and a work light.

Truck floor mats

While it is important to keep skin protected, it is also important to keep a new truck in good shape. Truck floor mats are great to keep the interior clean if you cannot brush the last bit of mud off of your boots. To customize, you can find brands such as John Deere truck floor mats to represent a farmer’s favorite brand.

Amazon offers John Deere floor mats for $40 a piece. Plain black floor mats are on sale at Tractor Supply for $15 apiece.


Wall decor can make any house feel like a home. Whether it is bought from a store or handmade, a piece of art can make any farmer smile after a long day of hard work. You can find paintings of cattle in a peaceful pasture, combines during an evening harvest or even a family photo.

Legacy Livestock Imaging offers ranch photographs beginning at $175. You may also contact them to come to your house to take pictures of your farm, ranch or for family portraits. also offers drawings, paintings and photographs of peaceful country scenery.

Next time you shop for a farmer, be sure to keep the items above in mind. It is always good to see a smile on a face that does so much for you. After all, no farms means no food.

Melissa Grimmel is a junior in agricultural communications and journalism.