Letter to the editor: More than Ferguson


I am disappointed in the Collegian’s coverage of the Eric Garner case. The coverage of Ferguson was thorough. Everywhere I looked in the media there was a story or opinion on Mike Brown and Darren Wilson, however, not many seem to be highlighting the importance of the Eric Garner case. These two cases, while different, are similar in ways. Both have brought up the topics of police brutality, racism and white privilege, and both of these police officers were not indicted.

I don’t understand why you would focus on one story and ignore the other. Both have relevance in society, especially with all the racial problems brought to the surface lately. I think it is important to talk about these issues and not just ignore them. I thought the Collegian was better than that and I hope you strongly think about covering stories more equally.

Allie Shubitowski

Junior, mass communications