Settings, services for on-campus weddings


Planning a wedding can be one of the most exhilarating and stressful times in a young couple’s life. There is a desire to pick an ideal venue that will be able to accommodate the wedding duo’s wishes, theme and guest list, which can prove to be difficult. Fortunately, there are locations and services available on campus for those who wish to incorporate their school pride into their special day.

All Faiths and Danforth chapels

Danforth Chapel was built in 1949 and is a popular venue for weddings. The chapel features Gothic-styled architecture and stained glass windows imported from Czechoslovakia, England, France, Germany and Italy, and can host up to 65 people.

All Faiths Chapel was dedicated in 1956 to the memory of K-State family members who lost their lives serving in World War II and the Korean War. It features a 40-rank pipe organ and can seat nearly 500 people.

Brian, ’91 alumnus in architecture, and his wife Kristia Poppe were married in Danforth Chapel on Jan. 14, 1992 and chose the location for its historical and emotional connections to the university.

“One of my architecture studios was in the top of Fairchild Hall, and when I would walk over there every day I would see Danforth Chapel,” Brian said. “The constant exposure to it made the idea settle in the back of my mind that it would be an interesting place to get married one day, to have it be a part of my history and the common history between Kristia and I. I feel connected to the history of others that got married there, because it’s like the coach (Snyder) says – it’s all about family.”

Brian suggests coordinating with a planner or some sort of helper to map out the big day.

“I don’t know if it has changed, but my understanding was that Kristia didn’t have anyone on campus that helped her handle the planning and facilitation of the service and reception,” Brian said. “I would suggest checking that out, or you’ll be on your own for figuring out everything.”

K-State University Gardens

Friends of KSU Gardens are able utilize the facilities and their scenic surroundings for weddings, small receptions and professional photography sessions. The gardens are open March through November with annual and perennial flower beds in the Cottage and Adaptive/Native Plant Gardens provide a brilliant display of color and the space allows for 350 seated guests and 50 standing or 250 seated at tables. Membership is required, as well as a date reservation fee and security deposit.

For those that aren’t able or don’t want to have their ceremony on campus, there are alternate ways to incorporate the K-State spirit.

“We (my fiancé and I) would have loved to get married on campus or somewhere around Manhattan to keep the Wildcat spirit,” Natalie Schaeffer, senior in public relations, said. “However, due to an abundant amount of out of town people attending the wedding, travel accommodations and other factors would have made it difficult to do. So we took our engagement pictures around campus and the Manhattan community. We did the K-State Gardens, Anderson Hall and several other buildings around campus and near Poyntz Avenue.”

When it comes down to brass tacks, virtually any spot on campus could be used as a ceremony site, provided proper permission is obtained and space is available.

“I actually think that (having a wedding on campus) would be kind of cool,” Kelsey Koblitz, senior in psychology and family studies, said. “I don’t want a conventional wedding anyway, so I would totally consider it. I would love to have it in Hale Library since my boyfriend and I both love learning and are total nerds.”

Willie the Wildcat

Another way to show your K-State pride is to have Willie the Wildcat show up for your special day. Willie will attend your event (ceremony, reception or photo session) for $100 per hour, plus travel costs for venues outside the Manhattan area, while the spring and fall semesters are in session. Simply contact the Cheer and Mascot Office to request Willie and cheerleaders (for another $100 per hour).

Whether you’re aiming to get hitched in front of Anderson Hall or just looking for a photo session with the K-State cheer squad, there are a multitude of ways to incorporate your purple pride into your wedding festivities.