Students use fashion as means of expressing personal brand


Frivolous is no longer a word that can be associated with fashion. As students start to put more of an emphasis on their own personal styles, fashion is becoming valued as an asset in today’s society. It can be directly connected to how an individual views themselves mentally. It can also determine how people evaluate a person during a first impression encounter.

“Dressing however I want to promotes my self-confidence, I think that it’s important to get confidence from wherever I can,” Kellie Goss, sophomore in open option, said. “Whether it be clothes from high-end brands, thrift stores or borrowed from friends. Anything that makes you feel good.”

There are so many avenues to explore when trying to bolster your body image, and experimenting with your own personal style should be one of them. It is one way that you can have guaranteed complete control over how you look and feel. The motto “look good, feel good” exists for a reason.

For Sam Carpenter, sophomore in microbiology and pre-medicine, it is important to dress in a way that enables you to come across as positively as you want to come across to others.

“Dressing fashionably, or for my taste, is important because I like to start making first impressions with people the minute they lay eyes on me,” Carpenter said. “People will judge me before I can even open my mouth and I want my judgment to be a positive one. How a person dresses says a lot about the kind of person that they are.”

Females are not the only students on campus that believe personal style reflects how they are viewed by others.

“I think it is always important to dress well,” Sam Edwards, sophomore in public relations and pre-law, said. “Although you can never judge a book by its cover, what you wear says a lot about you from the get-go.”

Personal branding is becoming a huge factor in today’s business market. Communicating your personal brand through the clothing you wear shows individuals who you are proud to be. What you hold within yourself is extremely important. However, your outer brand is what gets people’s attention first and foremost.

“If I rolled out of bed with a cut-off shirt and sweatpants to go to a meeting, folks wouldn’t take me as seriously,” Edwards said.” If I walked into a meeting wearing a nice, button-up shirt and nice slacks, I know I look as confident as I feel. If anything, you should want to dress nice strictly to boost your own self-confidence.”

Fashion is increasingly becoming correlated to how individuals showcase themselves on a day-to-day basis. It is no longer only a desire for those in the fashion industry. Many individuals are taking advantage of what fashion has to offer to be the best versions of themselves possible. With both inner and outer benefits.