Letter to the Editor: “We are more” urges deeper thought


I thoroughly appreciated the letter “We are more” that was in the Dec. 5 edition. I am currently in a course in which we discuss issues in the media, and this letter did a wonderful job of highlighting many key points we have discussed in class this semester.

The first five lines in and of themselves brought up so many different points that are often ignored. Many people in our society have people sequestered into groups based on things such as race and gender. However, as the letter states several times, we are all more than these things. It struck me especially when it was said that we should “value the narratives of every person’s life.”

Through the course of this semester, I have become more aware of issues that are seen in the media and also more insightful on the diversity we have at K-State. Although I’m sure there is still much that can be learned, I think everyone needs to take the time to reach out to those that are different than themselves. It allows for so much growth in yourself and awareness of everything around you.

Dakota Foos

Senior, marketing