Snyder shares words of wisdom for finals week


I want to wish you good fortune during finals week, but we all know success on your exams is about more than luck. But I would hope that each of you would do well and achieve that which you desire. And, indeed I believe you can and will if you are well prepared.

As I suggest to our players, the foundation for success on the football field is laid long before game day and that if they prepare and practice as well as they possibly can, they have every right to believe that they will succeed on game day. I believe that holds true in anything we do, including the classroom.

We know final exams can be difficult and take a great deal to prepare for appropriately, but hopefully you will be motivated to do so. It may take a few years to totally realize the value of your investment in your academic achievement, but that day will come.

Wishing you continued success and good fortune,

Bill Snyder

P.S. And, thank you so very much for being such wonderful members of our “football family.”