Celebrate the end of finals outside of Aggieville


Depending on your finals schedule, you may or may not experience the following symptoms of finals week: you can’t remember when you showered last, you’ve worn the same sweatpants for three days in a row or depending on what year you are … you’ve completely stopped caring all together. Either way you may find yourself wanting to hit up Aggieville and forget you ever had finals in the first place.

Instead of abusing your wallet and liver, here are some healthier ways to recuperate and celebrate the end of finals.

Hike Konza

After sitting in the library and staring at your computer screen for hours on end, it’s easy to feel antsy. Instead of power walking to the bars, try the Konza Prairie Nature Trail.

“There’s something that makes me feel so zen when I reach the top of Konza, it’s definitely one of my favorite things to do to not feel as stressed,” Shelby Rouse, senior in family studies, said.

Have a lazy day

After spending countless hours huddled over books and study guides, feeling exhausted after the last test is normal. You’re physically worn out, and what better way to reward yourself for tireless dedication than with a lazy day?

Grab some popcorn or ice cream and few good flicks so you can spend a whole day laying around. Invite some friends to join you and make a blanket fort. Make a promise not to move an inch except to restock snacks.

Spending time zoning out will help you relax and recoup after such a stressful week.

Try something new

Have you ever tried the rock wall at the Chester E. Peters Recreation Complex? Are you interested in tasting sushi for the first time? Whatever idea pops into your head, let that be your reward. You most likely have participated in countless hours of monotonous reading and homework over the last few weeks, and you’re dying for a change in routine. Mark the end of finals week with a new experience as your prize for such dedication.


No matter how many TV series you may watch during finals week in order to procrastinate studying, there’s still always more to watch.

“I know the first thing I’m going to do after finals, is binge watch episodes of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and not even feel guilty about it,” Everett Haynes, graduate student in regional and community planning, said. “After that week, I deserve it.”

Let’s be real: watching Netflix is cheaper and healthier than a night out in Aggieville.

Ice Skate

With December upon us, nothing celebrates the end of the semester more like ice skating. Grab some friends, bundle up and hit up the indoor ice rink at City Park in Manhattan. It costs $3 per person with a $3 rental fee for skates, plus it’s exercise and a great way to start off your winter break.

“Ice skating always helps me let loose especially after finals,” Hannah Yeoman, sophomore in biology, said. “It’s pretty easy to do and it’s a no-brainer and after finals I don’t want to use my brain.”

Host a potluck

You’ll soon be on your way home for the holidays, away from many of your friends. End the week before break by hosting a potluck meal. Have everyone bring his or her favorite side dish (or pick it up from WalMart) and get together for a final feast. Cherish these last few moments together and be thankful that exams are over but the food and friendship isn’t.

Once finals are over, you may feel like spending all of your free time at the bars. In all seriousness, remember that moderation is key. Treat your body and mind like a machine and try to give it the proper rest that it needs especially after the craziness of finals. This will help you feel recharged and prepared to take on the next semester.

Katie Watkins is a junior in mass communications and Bradie Armstrong is a freshman in mass communications.