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Manhattan ranks as one of the most hungover U.S. cities

Manhattan was ranked the fourth most hungover city during 2014 in the U.S. by Business Insider, after receiving a hangover score of 85.74.

According to the report, 23.4 percent of people admitted to binge drinking, 22.4 bars were present per 100,000 people, 8.7 percent of people admitted to heavy drinking, and an average of two alcoholic beverage producing establishments were present per 100,000 residents.

Lawrence was given the number one position with a Hangover score of 90.22.

In 2013, Wichita was ranked number 25 and Topeka was ranked number 20.

Binge drinking is defined by the Center for Disease Control as five or more drinks in one sitting for men, and four or more drinks in one sitting for women.

College of Education-produced documentary to air on PBS stations

“A Walk In My Shoes: First-Generation Students” has received so much attention that it will be aired on all three Kansas PBS stations at 8 p.m. this Friday, according to a K-State news release. The film, produced by the College of Education working with K-State’s First Scholars Program, was created to bring more focus to students who are the first in their families to attend college.

“The reason we started the ‘A Walk in My Shoes’ video series was to call attention to people around us — people that we may or may not have the opportunity to interact with,” Debbie Mercer, dean of the College of Education, said. “The goal is for us to see how much we have in common with each other and to grow.”

The film follows the lives of several current students and three alumni who each share their personal stories about their journey to college.

Around 40 percent of K-State’s undergraduate students are first-generation college students, twice the national average.

Bipartisan push for outlawing of ‘revenge porn’

Two Kansas lawmakers, Democratic Rep. Sydney Carlin of Manhattan and Republican Rep. Stephanie Clayton of Overland Park both recently introduced bills that would make it illegal for a former spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend to publish nude photos of their ex-lover on the internet without his or her consent. Carlin introduced her bill on Tuesday and Clayton introduced hers on Wednesday, although both said they were not aware of the other working on the same issue.

State privacy laws already make it a crime to post pictures or videos of another person that were taken without their permission.