New year, new you; new reasons for activewear too

Illustration by Sonia Kumar Photo credit: Sonia Kumar

A new year brings opportunities to make exciting memories as you complete your challenges and goals. Often times people believe a more fit and healthier body is necessary to have a superior new year. Yet there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that a new year should not be the reason to make lofty goals.

Nevertheless, there is no evidence that new activewear won’t help you conquer your fitness goals.

What’s incredible about the activewear market is that it is constantly evolving and becoming rooted not only within American culture, but is also evolving into “staples” and a luxury market all at once. Trevor Edwards, Nike’s president said it’s a “cultural shift.” An article titled, “Why Fitness is Having a Moment in Fashion” from Fashionista, said, “Whether or not you’re a fitness devotee, the trend of wearing activewear both inside and outside of the gym is likely here to stay, at least for a while, thanks in part to the increasing popularity of incorporating sporty elements into street style looks, but also because of what’s been shown on the runways.”

Since this trend is clearly here to stay, why not be on top of the activewear game for 2015?

Designer collaborations

Not only are designers noticing the trend of everyday activewear, but celebrities are as well. Ellie Goulding branded herself with Nike in fall 2014, Selena Gomez and Rita Ora collaborated with Adidas, and even Beyonce has a streetwear collaboration with Topshop. With new lines and collaborations emerging from each direction, it can be difficult to know which trends to follow.

Advice for womenswear

Buying activewear pieces that work both at the gym and your everyday life is pivotal. Although prints and shiny fabrics can certainly be fun and unique, have minimalism in the back of your mind as a deciding factor. Getting the most wear out of your activewear is important to ensure the pieces you buy are truly cost-effective, it is important to get the most wear out of your activewear since brands like Nike and Lulu Lemon can be costly. If you do need to buy printed leggings or a loud piece, buy pieces that balance it out. For instance, a pair of leopard leggings can be toned down with muted tanks, tees or even a black cardigan.

“I prefer plain activewear opposed to prints,” Alicia Sotelo, freshman in health and nutrition, said. “I typically buy from classic activewear brands like Nike and UnderArmor.”

Overall this season, use Stella McCartney for Adidas as inspiration, channel Emilio Pucci S/S 14 and style stalk tom-boyish Lorde.

Advice for menswear

Although men may not be as involved with these emerging designer collaborations most men can appreciate an aspect of Nike Air Yeezys. It seems that casual athletics and footwear have the biggest impact in trends for men’s activewear, especially on campus. Finding a pair of sneakers that can double as dressy, creative and durable at the gym and in the real world is key!

“Just one pair of shoes doesn’t express the possibilities and creativity a person has,” Gabe Ojeda, junior in fishing, wildlife conservation biology, who also owns 26 pairs of customized Converse, said.

Take Gabe’s advice and indulge in few pairs of Nike Janoski’s or Vans that look great playing basketball and on campus.

Overall this season, use Pharrell Williams for adidas as inspiration, channel Lacoste S/S 15, style stalk trendy skateboarder Dylan Rieder.

Working out is half the battle; dressing up and investing in activewear for a lifestyle that is bound for it is the much easier, more enjoyable part.

Sonia Kumar is a sophomore in apparel textiles and marketing.