OPINION: The last lap


If you’re like me, then you’re freaking out about passing all your classes this semester. You’re checking off your priorities to ensure you walk in Bramlage Coliseum when May commencement rolls around.

If you’re not, you are (or should be) enjoying the time you have left in college, and rightly so. Once you graduate, your life truly begins.

In elementary school, we learned about manners and how to multiply and divide. Middle school and high school were all about finding your independence or hunting for what clique you belonged in. When you get to college, reality starts to sink in.

This isn’t supposed to be intimidating or be a negative input on what it’s like to be in college. College is a chance to find your ups, and learn how to be cautious about your downs. I have a few suggestions for how you can get through your senior year with a smile on your face and get as little hair pulled out of your head as possible.


Read more books. After experiencing three years of university life, I started to develop a concentrated mindset; one that got me thinking about things I never thought about.

I was never much of a reader, but after walking through the Dusty Bookshelf several times, I decided to start buying books. To this day, I don’t regret the titles I have bought. Most had to do with mindfulness, philosophy and self-acceptance.

Maybe you won’t get the same books I’m into, but that’s the beauty about them. The topics are practically infinite, and you might make some interesting discoveries that could aid you during your senior year and beyond.


Communication is a must. High school runs the risk of sculpting you into a self- centered person; maybe you listened to everybody but only spoke to a few. In college, communicating with others does nothing but benefit you in the end.

Talking to others can also help you socially, especially if you’re in a stressful situation or struggling with negative hardships like loneliness or depression. There’s never a better time for friends than your last year in college.

Don’t shy away from anything new. Check out Manhattan Hill and take plenty of selfies in Aggieville. Get a taste of every ice cream flavor at Call Hall.

Heed my advice, and you won’t regret it.

Matt Harrison is a senior in mass communications.